​2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype, Honda’s Road-Going MotoGP Bike

2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype –  is a high-technology V-4 streetbike based on the championship-winning RC213V MotoGP racer. Inspired by, and developed with input from many legendary GP riders, the RC213V-S Prototype is set to be the ultimate road going motorcycle. Two version of this striking motorcycle have been presented on the stage of EICMA 2014 in Milan; a static motorcycle painted with a distinctive Japanese flag to mark 100 years of the EICMA show, along with a fully functioning, running version clothed in full carbon-fibre, fittingly ridden onto the stage by 2013/14 MotoGP champion, Marc Marquez.​2015 Honda RC213V-S

​2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype, Honda's Road-Going MotoGP Bike

Overall, the bike preserves the smooth, businesslike aesthetic of the race machine, although the placement of the mirrors seems a bit of an afterthought. Still, the fact that the bike comes with lever guards is a nice touch, and the integration of the lights is unobtrusive.

2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype

the honda ‘RC213V-S’ prototype was presented in two styles; painted with a distinctive japanese flag to mark 100 years of the EICMA show, and the fully functioning carbon-fiber version that was ridden on stage by the 2013/14 motoGP champion, marc marquez. the bike aims to encourage new younger demographic riders to the motorcycling world and continues with the use of the popular unique dual clutch transmission technology. ​2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype

​2015 Honda RC213V-S likeautomotive.com 2

Rumors of a new Honda V-4 superbike have been swirling for years now, but if one is coming, this probably isn\’t it. More likely, this will be an exclusive offering for those Honda faithful with big checkbooks and fine taste, a la the Ducati Desmosedici RR from a few years ago.

Specifications and pricing are not yet available, and may not be until next spring, as the bike is still in development. But if the bike is offered in the US, expect power numbers well into the 200s, and price tags something like a decent family home. thanks fro reading ​​2015 Honda RC213V-S Prototype


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