What happen if the Tesla 3 raced on the track ?

What happen if the Tesla Model 3 raced on the track ?

The Tesla model 3 is not advertised as a track car. There are no photos of this circuit around Karussell at Nuburgring during development tests. There are no statistics that would make you think it\’s good on the right track.What happen if the Tesla 3 raced on the track ?

But one owner decided that Model 3 might be fun on a track, so he brought it to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to find out.

And even if it does not seem to be the fastest car in the world, it passes a Lotus Seven and makes nine laps without any apparent loss of performance. There are dozens of cars built for the track that can not handle as much time without overheating the brakes or the engine.

You can watch the extremely silent video below.

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