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Warm-Up Lap, Tesla Model S P85D Breaks Dyno Belt

Here’s a good one for you, just in case you were wondering what type of car you needed to buy in order to have a “dyno-breaking” story to tell your friends.  High power and instant torque of Tesla Model S P85D causes problems for those who test it on the dyno. Recently, DragTimes presented video on the how Tesla Model S P85D broke and AWD dyno at 700+ ft-lbs:

This is what happens when you go from a slow roll to full power and instant torque in a Tesla Model S P85D. Actually, to be fair, it’s what happened in this case and not what will generally happen. But still, it serves as proof of just how impressive this car really is.

Audi Q7 Review

Before the dyno belt gave in, the instruments measured an instant torque output of over 700 lb-ft (over 949 Nm). Sure, there are a few cars out there that can generate more torque, such as the Veyron or the Hennessey Venom GT, but neither of them can do it in the blink of an eye.

This is why you see the Model S P85D win so many drag races. The torque helps it jump out in front of the other car, even though the way in which it puts down its 691 HP sometimes doesn’t help it stay ahead over a longer distance.

The moral here is that if you’ve got the funds and you’re looking for an eco-friendly car capable of always being the first one off the line, look no further than the P85D.

And yes, if you happen to break a dynamometer belt with it, we’re totally cool with you bragging about it to your friends.

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