VW ID.3 2020: prices, technical data & Release Date

VW ID.3 2020: prices, Specs & Release Date

The countdown has started: 2020 will see VW launch the ID.family into an electrified future. The first Volksstromer is called ID. 3, costs less than 30,000 euros and is already being produced diligently. As VW Sales Director Jürgen Stackmann has just announced, the order can be completed and deliveries prepared from June 17, 2020. We have the latest information for you.

The VW ID.3 2020 was already presented at the IAA and now everyone is waiting excitedly until the new electric VW is finally allowed to hit the road. The limited launch version could already be reserved in May 2019, and the market launch should begin in summer 2020. We have current pictures and new information for you.

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Mobility of the future, this means above all electric mobility. Some electric cars are already on the market, but either they\’re too expensive, they don\’t have enough range – or both. VW starts into the future with the ID.family. It starts with the ID.3, a relatively inexpensive and compact city car. If you are interested in an electric car , you can put together different models with our car configurator.

VW ID.3 2020: prices, technical data & Release Date


Prices and start of sales

The VW ID. 3 will cost less than 30,000 euros, the 1st edition special edition is just under 40,000 euros. VW has also announced that the basic version less the environmental bonus will be less than € 23,430.

The first vehicles rolled off the assembly line at the end of 2019. This is how VW can start the ID.Offensive 2020. Anyone who has opted for the pre-booking option has been able to reserve a copy of the limited launch edition since May for a reservation fee of 1,000 euros. From June 17, 2020, the pre-bookers can then finalize their orders and deliveries can begin. A few weeks will surely pass before the first ID.3 has actually been delivered.

VW ID.3 2020: prices, technical data & Release Date


Motors and driving behavior

The capacity of the base battery for the ID.3 1st is 58 kWh and is driven by an electric motor on the rear axle. With 150 kW, it conducts just over 200 hp and can reach a top speed of 160 km / h. The range is around 400 kilometers. More battery sizes will be offered later, which should then cover a range of up to 550 kilometers. The battery has a basic weight of 310 kg, which is around 40 kg less than that of the e-Golf, the battery in the top model then becomes a bit heavier and is around 400 kg.

The ID. 3 is built on the new MEB platform (modular electrical kit) and has a rear engine. This has the advantage that there is plenty of space in the front. The 50:50 weight distribution is ideally distributed between the front and rear axles. All-wheel drive will also be available.

VW has also announced that the batteries will be guaranteed for eight years or 160,000 kilometers. In addition, a new range of VW wallboxes will enable quick charging at home and at work.

VW ID.3 2020: prices, technical data & Release Date


Technical data and exterior design

As you can see in the new pictures, the design of the ID.3 is very modern and it even reminds a little of a small van . And it looks like this because it is a good deal higher than a Golf. This is due to the battery, which requires more space and jacks up the ID.3 a little.

The front shows a face without a cooler, otherwise the ID.3 of the study is quite similar from the front. A strip of light was drawn between the headlights to replace a chrome line. The new VW logo with reduced lines is of course also appropriate and could also be illuminated – but for legal reasons not in Germany.

The rear is a surprise, because it turns out to be much more angular than you would have expected. The taillights have a square design and go into the side of the car.

The dimensions are quite small, namely at the polo level. Nevertheless, there is almost as much space inside as in a Passat. A 1.90 meter tall person has enough space in front and you can also sit comfortably in the second row of seats. This is not surprising because the wheelbase is only four centimeters shorter than that of the Passat at 2.75 meters. There is also a decent trunk left, so it is quite sufficient overall.

VW will also have some wall boxes for charging the ID.3, the cheapest with just eleven kW of power without a network connection is just under 400 euros. A 600 euro version with an Internet connection is also to come and a top model that can also charge bidirectionally and with 22 kW is coming and will cost 2,000 euros.

VW ID.3 2020: prices, technical data & Release Date


Interior and trunk

The new interior image shows that VW is also daring something new here. Behind the steering wheel you can see a digital display with an operating element on the right, with which the speed levels can be selected. In addition, the 10-inch touchscreen placed in the center of the dashboard immediately catches the eye. A new feature is the so-called touch slider, a hollow in which you can put your finger and thus regulate the temperature or volume continuously.

Overall, the interior is modern but not futuristic. VW has made every effort to find a design that conforms to the masses so as not to deter anyone.

At the beginning, VW offers three fixed configurations for the ID.3. The basic equipment of the ID.3 1st already includes, among other things, a navigation system, a DAB digital radio, 18-inch alloy wheels and a seat and steering wheel heater.

In version ID.3 1st Plus you also get a reversing camera, ACC, LED matrix headlights and 19-inch alloy wheels.

If you opt for the current top equipment ID.3 1st Max, you get a head-up display, the sound system “Beats”, a panoramic glass roof, 20-inch alloy wheels and a lot of assistance systems.

Only when the Launch Edition has been sold will the freely configurable models follow, which will be available from 30,000 euros. Additional battery capacities are then also available.

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