Volkswagen Arteon 2017 Specs and Details

Volkswagen Arteon 2017 Specs and Details

The Volkswagen Arteon is a saloon with five doors and five seats. It measures 4.86 meters of length, 1.87 meters of width and 1,43 meters of height (its distance between axles is 2.84 meters). A  Passat  is 9 centimeters shorter, 4 centimeters narrower and 3 centimeters taller. A  Volkswagen CC  measures 6 cm less in length, is 1 cm narrower and 1 cm lower. According to Volkswagen, it is not the substitute of CC because the Arteon is bigger and more luxurious.

It is for sale for 41 790 euros with a diesel engine of 150 hp. Volkswagen says that this is a price without discount or promotional campaigns, but does not specify what will be the amount of these. So at this time, the Arteon is more expensive than other five-door saloons and similar length, such as the Ford Mondeo , the Opel Insignia  and the BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo.

Volkswagen Arteon 2017 Specs and Details

The Arteon is wider than the Mondeo, the Insignia and the Series 3 Gran Turismo, but what distinguishes it most is that it is much lower: the Ford measures 1.48 meters, the Opel 1.50 and the BMW 1.51 . Its trunk has 563 liters, which is a large volume. Between the four or five-door passenger cars, the length of which is between 4.70 and 4.90 meters, only one larger is the Škoda Superb , with 625 liters and the Volkswagen Passat, with 586 liters .

The Arteon range consists of three versions with a gasoline engine and three with a diesel engine, between 150 and 280 horsepower maximum. All have four cylinders and are placed in transverse position, since Volkswagen has used the platform MQB, which is that of motors oriented perpendicular to the direction of the march. The traction can be in the front wheels or in the four and the change of marches manual or automatic. Next, there is a table with all possible combinations, although for the moment only the gasoline version of 280 hp and 150 and 240 hp diesel are for sale.




Version CV Change Traction
1.5 TSI Evo 150 Manual 6 speed / Automatic 7 speed (DSG) Lead
2.0 TSI 190 Automatic 7 speed (DSG) Lead
2.0 TSI 280 Automatic 7 speed (DSG) Total (4Motion)


Version CV Change Traction
2.0 TDI 150 Manual 6 speed / Automatic 7 speed (DSG) Lead
2.0 TDI 190 Manual 6 speed / Automatic 7 speed (DSG) Front / Total (4Motion)
2.0 BiTDI 240 Automatic 7 speed (DSG) Total (4Motion)

There are three levels of equipment: Standard, Elegance and R-Line. The Elegance level has decorative elements that give the interior and exterior a luxurious touch. The R-Line is sporty looking, and includes, among other elements, specific bumpers.

Volkswagen Arteon 2017 Specs and Details

As standard, all Volkswagen Arteon have headlights and led lights (with sequential flashing lights for the most equipped versions), 17-inch wheels (which can be up to 20 “in option), keyless entry and start, Front seats with some electrical connections (Volkswagen calls them semi-electric), driver fatigue detector (Driver Alert System). Optionally, it can have a display by instrument panel, information projected in the field of vision of the driver and a system of Information and entertainment 9.2 inches (Discover Pro) These three elements are already available in other Volkswagen cars.

The most important driving assistance systems are the active speed programmer , which in addition to maintaining the speed and a certain distance from the previous vehicle, is able to maintain the car without exceeding the permitted speed limit on the road (this information The collection with cameras and the mapping of the navigation system). It also has what Volkswagen calls the second generation Emergency Assist system which, if it detects that the driver does not intervene in the steering wheel for a certain time, automatically slows down, gives several warnings for the driver to take the And can stop the vehicle in the rightmost lane (if traffic permits). There is a new function for the curved lighting system which, thanks to the information provided by the navigation system, connects in advance the corresponding lighting. The traffic signal recognition system alerts you if a registered speed limit is exceeded.

Volkswagen presented at the Shanghai Motor Show a prototype similar to Arteon, called C Coupe GTE .

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