Toyota Setsuna: Wooden Toyota Prototype

Toyota participates in the Milan Design Week with Toyota Setsuna prototype, built with different types of wood for different vehicle parts, including exterior panels, frame, floor and seats.

Toyota wants to express with the new Setsuna (electric vehicle, semicarrozado, two-seater, 3,330 millimeters in length) the notion that, as a family accumulates time and experiences with their vehicle, taking care of him fondly and passing it to the next generation, that vehicle acquires a new value that only family members can appreciate.

Setsuna name, which means “time” in Japanese, was chosen in order to reflect the special and fleeting moments that people live with their vehicles. Toyota believes that, eventually, all of those moments ago that vehicles are irreplaceable for their owners.

To achieve this Chimera perpetuity of a car, Toyota has built Setsuna from different woods that offer a unique attraction not found in conventional vehicles last many generations if kept in good condition.

The wood used in different parts of the vehicle, including exterior panels, frame, floor and seats, can change color and texture in response to their environment (particularly temperature and humidity) and conditions of use, adopting unique character and depth.

Using Japanese cedar for exterior panels or Japanese birch frame, Setsuna Toyota engineers have realized the assembly structure with a traditional Japanese carpentry technique called okuriari, which does not use nails or screws. Also, the line of the body of Setsuna trace a curve that resembles a boat and inside “clock 100 years” and seats that combine functionality with the tone of the wood itself is included.

The next April, Toyota will debut with this sorpredendente styling exercise called Setsuna Design Week in Milan.

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