toyota gt86 facelift Revealed

toyota gt86 facelift Revealed

After Toyota gt86 facelift, Subaru BRZ also will have Facelift. In late 2011 Toyota to realize our wishes and gave life to the Toyota GT 86 coupe rear wheel animated by an atmospheric engine developed especially in the company of Subaru, who also launched the Subaru BRZ. Now Toyota updated the Toyota GT 86 to mark the Hall of New York 2016, but what about exactly new to this 2017 Toyota GT 86?

More power.

Toyota has squeezed a bit more propellant boxer and 4 – cylinder atmospheric outing now with 205 horses, 5 more than well translate into too small torque increase, from 205 Nm to new horses 211 Nm of torque.

A revised set-point.

This increased power comes also associated with a revision of the manual gearbox in which new relationships are introduced. The chassis is also revised and incorporated new suspension with new dampers and springs.

Design changes.

The main change of its design lies in the new front bumper with a large central air intake although we also found a slight redesign for its optical, both front and rear. Also appear new tires.

An upgraded interior.

For inside Toyota it has reserved new materials, introducing a better upholstery(leather and alcantara) on the cover of the instrument and door panels with silver stitching.

Is also new bill the wheel but we have to wait to discover these details, Toyota now has not taught us inside this GT 86 2017.

A new assistant to driving.

The evolution of Toyota adding culminates in the security section one assistant hill start. It is not something revolutionary or too prominent, but, of course, is appreciated.

When did you see? What price will?

After debuting to the public of New York Hall Toyota GT 86 will market this 2017 autumn in the United States. For details on its European marketing should therefore expect a coming- out in the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

By far not announced its price, we imagine that will continue. Currently, in Spain the Toyota GT 86 has a starting price of 32,300 euros.

2017 Toyota gt86 facelift

toyota gt86 facelift Revealed

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toyota gt86 facelift Revealed

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toyota gt86 facelift Revealed

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toyota gt86 facelift Revealed
toyota gt86 facelift Revealed
Toyota GT 86

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