Top 7 Best concept cars of 2014

Top 7 Best concept cars of 2014

Top 7 Best concept cars of 2014 – Like a good sauce, a year in the life of  CAR needs reducting down before it becomes truly rich and tasty. Here’s the first in a series telling the distilled story of 2014: 12 months of cars, people, incidents and much more stuff, both good and bad… and yes, even ugly. Kicking us off, it’s seven of the year’s most mind-blowing concepts.

Top 7 Best concept cars of 2014

1) Nissan Bladeglider

Weird, pointy electric three-seater most notable for pissing off Panoz, whose Nismo-powered DeltaWing racer it resembles.

Top 7 Best concept cars of 2014 Nissan Bladeglider

2) Lamborghini Asterion

Its full name – Asterion LPI 910-4 – is the whole story: LP denotes longitudinale posteriore engine position, I means Ibrido or hybrid, 910 is the combined PS output and 4 means four-wheel drive. It’s Lambo’s first front-wheel driver (shock) but despite beardy intent still packs a V10 (unshock). More importantly, we want to marry it.

Lamborghini Asterion

3) Maserati Alfieri

Suspiciously beautiful and desirable centenary gift from Maserati to itself surely destined for mothballs. But no! It’s a goer!

Maserati Alfieri

4) Toyota FT-1

Or Future Toyota One. ‘Don’t call it the new Supra,’ they said, so we called it the new Supra. Rustled up by Toyota’s LA-based substance-smokers as a Trojan horse PlayStation fantasy,  FT-1 was first shown to boss Akio Toyoda on his console, and he immediately thrashed it round Fuji Speedway. His smile suggested he – and we – might be able to do that for real one day. Sigh. Now, back to that Auris…

Toyota FT-1

5) Audi TT 420 Quattro Sport

Knowingly overdone Merc-scarer hinting at future TT RS. Carbon bodykit, rollcage, ludicrous rear wing and loud decals, plus 414bhp 2.0-litre turbo. A junior R8? We drove it, and hell yeah…!

Audi TT Quattro 420 Sport Concept

6) Aston Martin DP-100

Another fantasy project made possible by Gran Turismo 6, but anybody not excited by a mid-engined V12 Aston needs help.

Aston Martin DP-100

7) Peugeot Exalt

Looks pretty amazing for a wannabe 3-series rival, but Peugeot probably wanted to wow its Chinese partner Dongfeng with the promise of, er, oh-la-la? It’s 308-based but you wouldn’t know it. Shame they’ll never dare do it. Also a shame they ran out of silver paint.

Peugeot Exalt

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