The Latest honda hrv test

The Latest honda hrv test

Yes, this is honda hrv test. The latest CR-V is a real success in the world of SUVs, fully deserved its services and attractive style, and this is the HR-V, its little brother, that will allow farm Honda battle in the compact niche very popular right now. Sporty, versatile interior to perfection, well equipped and excellent road manners, the HR-V, only available in 4×2 traction, is appealing a large customer with a price starting at € 21,000.

The Latest honda hrv test

honda hrv test

If the clothes do not make the man, it helps to give it the odor of sanctity, and in the automotive world, aesthetics demonstrates the same virtues as it remains the most purchasing criteria often predominant. Also, Honda has treated the aspect of its new compact SUV to give it a smooth appearance combining family spirit and a sporty character, resulting in a profile mimicking the style of a coupe thanks to the rear door handles hidden in the amount of doors. In addition, Honda has not been content to offer dynamic lines and stocky to HR-V, as it is applied to provide a first class Cx dressing underbody to optimize airflow, resulting in fuel economy, less noise in the passenger lift and a better running gear bringing more stability at high speed. Camped on alloy wheels 16 or 17 inches depending on the version, the HR-V do not lack presence.

Space and modularity

The Latest honda hrv testThe interior proves equally alluring. Indeed, the raised floor and high driving position is appreciated by giving a better sense of security, the space for passengers is significant, particularly for those in the back, while flexible Honda remains a specialty by the possibilities offered and ease of retraction of the 60/40 bench then forming a flat floor. To achieve this, the fuel tank was placed under the front seats, also to emerge from 470-1533 liters of boot capacity, a record for a vehicle of only 4.29 m long.As to the driving position, it reveals perfectly functional with a console oriented towards the driver and welcoming in its upper part a large multifunction display. The finish seems well made, but regrets that its coating is hard plastic.

Petrol 130 hp or 120 hp Diesel

The Latest honda hrv test

At its launch, the HR-V is available with a choice of two well-known engines, a 1.6-liter diesel 120 hp 1.5-liter petrol and 130 hp, both associated with a 6-speed manual gearbox but only the additional benefits petrol engine € 1300 simulating a CVT with 7-speed commands by paddles behind the steering wheel. A financial effort is the “cost” of providing properly used, otherwise the constant noise of the engine speed at around 4,000 r / min is tedious. The D position is recommended to run quietly in the city including without rushing the accelerator, while the S position is recommended for a dynamic driving over tortuous routes, for instance mountain. Climb the towers up to 6,600 rev / min, playing with pallets used to assess the responsiveness of the system and the qualities of the frame of HR-V.

Silence and Sobriety

The Latest honda hrv testThe HR-V petrol CVT has the advantage of offering two very different characters, peaceful and sporty. In manual gearbox, it is the silent operation that highlights but the last two reports are too long. Hosted by Diesel, the HR-V is also very nice, confirming the strong points of this 120 hp resourceful, low-noise, flexible, dashing and really sober. The proof, by conducting large train, the trip computer has just posted the 5 liter average. What assess its driving performance despite the additional 80 kg on the front axle compared to gasoline models. Note that the price differential between petrol and diesel amounted to € 2,300, enough to reflect addicts diesel now blacklisted. This is why Honda has already seen a turnaround and expects 60% of its sales in HR-V gasoline.

Well equipped and a crowd packs

The Latest honda hrv testAvailable in four finishes, the Honda HR-V aligns complete equipment from the base model while intermediate and higher are equipped with a standard pack which combines radar sensors data and front and rear cameras, and security technologies including frontal collision warning system, the road signs recognition system, the new Intelligent Cruise Control, line crossing warning system and the active beam system. A wide range of accessories and individual option packs allow more appropriate customization.

Finally, the HR-V is available in France only two-wheel drive on the front axle, although it nevertheless exists in AWD. But, on the French market of the compact SUV, 4×4 application is restricted and Honda preferred to simplify its range … yet.


I appreciated

I regretted

The dynamic style

The excellent road behavior

The flexible and low noise diesel engine

Reactive CVT and sports

The living space

The easy scalability

Full equipment

No 4×4 Version

No automatic gearbox for diesel

The sound of the sometimes unpleasant CVT

Plastics dashboard

Slightly firm Amortization

The specifications of Honda HR-V

  • Length: 4.29 m
  • Width: 1.77 m
  • Height: 1.60 m
  • Wheelbase: 2.61 m
  • Safe: 470-1533 liters
  • Tank: 50 liters

Diesel Engine: 4 cylinder 1597 cm3

  • Power: 120 hp at 4,000 r / min
  • Torque: 300 Nm at 2,000 r / min
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual gearbox
  • Weight: 1324 kg
  • Top speed: 192 km / h
  • Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h: 10\’\’1

Petrol Engine: 4 cylinder 1498 cm3

  • Power: 130 hp at 6,600 r / min
  • Torque: 155 Nm at 4600 r / min
  • Transmission: 6 BVM / CVT 7
  • Weight: 1241 kg / 1249 kg
  • Maximum speed in km / h: 192/187
  • Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h: 10\’\’7 / 11\’\’2

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