Test Drive the new KIA Niro Hybrid 1.6 GDi 105 HP ISG DCT6 Facelift 2020!

Test Drive the new KIA Niro Hybrid 1.6 GDi 105 HP ISG DCT6 Facelift 2020!

This is the new KIA Niro facelift 1.6 GDi 105 hp ISG DCT6, a model that recently received a large facelift for 2020.

And we say that it is a problem for Toyota, because it is stronger, cheaper, with a greater guarantee and in general, with a much superior manufacturing quality.

Test Drive the new KIA Niro Hybrid 1.6 GDi 105 HP ISG DCT6 Facelift 2020!


For the simple fact that this car is the cheapest KIA hybrid model, a model that has a crossover body with a best in class manufacturing quality.

Everyone knows that Niro is sold successfully, both in the PHEV version, but also 100% electric, and this version may seem, at first glance, left behind the spotlight, but the reality is that Niro Hybrid manages to be even better and than the stars of Toyota, a brand promoted as a 100% hybrid.

Test Drive the new KIA Niro Hybrid 1.6 GDi 105 HP ISG DCT6 Facelift 2020!

Now we are in front of a Niro facelift 2020, the model finally reaching a maturity difficult to anticipate 4 years ago, when it was presented to the Asian market.

Respectively, we see a compact-superior class crossover that has a very good manufacturing quality, a very large interior space, but also an extremely elegant suspension in use, even when the road has traditional CNAIR unevenness!


The chapter where the new Niro Hybrid wins the Toyota CH-R model is that of integrated technology, respectively KIA offers only one 1.6-liter GDI petrol engine from the Kappa II HEV series, 105 hp and 148 Nm at 4,000 rpm, an engine that is all the time with another electric of 44 HP, which in turn offers a torque of 170 Nm.

Test Drive the new KIA Niro Hybrid 1.6 GDi 105 HP ISG DCT6 Facelift 2020!

Together, the two engines bring to the front wheels a cumulative power of 141 hp and over 260 Nm starting at 1,798 rpm, meaning the power of a 130 hp diesel but without high emissions and specific noise.

On the road, the model from KIA is extremely relaxing, respectively, in the city the EV mode works every time you leave the place. Despite a rather small battery, KIA’s HEV system allows the car to display a consumption, in Bucharest, of 5.2 liters for every 100 km.

It increases when we go on the highway, but even so, with a full 45 liters of gasoline you can cover over 750 km.


The icing on the cake is, instead, the DCT box with 6 ratios, sequential, which is much more refined and much more elegant to use than any CVT box from Toyota.

In fact, this Niro Hybrid is much faster and much more dynamic when compared to Toyota CH-R, one of its main competitors that sells well even in Romania.

In addition to Toyota cars, KIA has a 7-year or 150,000 km warranty, while Toyota remains with the 3-year or 100,000 km world warranty, a warranty that even covers all car parts in case of problems!

In fact, the 6DCT sequential gearbox changes gears faster in sport mode, while at Toyota the eCVT gearbox is a failure in terms of dynamism or refinement in overtaking. It’s good only in the city and that’s it!

KIA comes here and allows the Niro Hybrid model to behave very well even outside the cities, hence our recommendation to the detriment of the Toyota car.


Niro Hybrid is without a doubt one of the best hybrid cars sold in Romania, because it has a large body, a manufacturing quality above that of Toyota, the largest warranty in Romania and is also the only hybrid crossover that does not use a slow CVT transmission in all road situations.

The KIA Niro Hybrid must be driven immediately after testing a Toyota CH-R or even a RAV4 Hybrid 2WD, because only then can you notice that those in Korea bring a best-in-class product that looks and works surprisingly well, plus as it is sold at a decent price.

This car is cheaper than a Toyota CH-R, but offers more features plus a best-in-class interior space.


  • The only Hybrid with a 7 year warranty
  • The only Hybrid with DCT sequential transmission
  • 1.6 GDI engine with chain timing
  • Large ground clearance for a crossover
  • Very high resale value
  • It is Made in Korea, so the best KIA quality
  • Bi-LED headlight with Auto function and really premium features


  • Top variant with high purchase price
  • All interesting features are optional

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