Tesla abandons Nvidia for Intel

Tesla abandons Nvidia for Intel

Tesla makes the revolution in her cabin. For its Model 3 and the following cars, the American manufacturer abandons Nvidia in favor of Intel, which will equip the different screens with its chips.

Tesla abandons Nvidia for Intel
The new 15-inch model 3 display will feature an Intel chip. (Photo credits Tesla)
Is it a whim or a cost issue? According to anonymous sources close to the file, the manufacturer Tesla will abandon its historical supplier of Nvidia microprocessors for all aspects of the onboard electronics, namely the infotainment screens. To replace it, Tesla called on Intel. This collaboration takes effect with the new Model 3 currently being delivered. Will also be concerned all future models of the brand. On the other hand, there is no indication that Tesla is abandoning Nvidia as regards the chip running the famous Autopilot 2 system.

Automotive, a lucrative market

This contract is a boon for the global chip maker who “is trying to reduce its dependence on computers” to better seduce the automotive sector, a growing market lucrative. If Intel does not communicate on its revenue generated by the automobile, Nvidia is more prolix on the subject. During the presentation of its figures for the last quarter, the specialist of the graphic card and the artificial intelligence said that its revenues reached 142 million dollars, or 6% of its turnover.

Without microprocessors, no semi-autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles. The automakers understood that. In this way we can see collaborations with microprocessor manufacturers to develop and develop chips that will find their way into the cars of tomorrow.

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