Spyshots: Mercedes G-Class 4 × 4’2 Pick-up

Again promised to a long career, the Mercedes-Class G will offer a new makeover this year. With the emergence of a new version 4 × 4 2 available in pick-up.

Born rustic, the Mercedes-Class G is now surfing on its most crescent versions to extend its career. The stars of the range are thus the AMG models, but also the impressive 4 × 4 2 . Born of the success of the ephemeral 6 × 6, this version will survive the next change.

Spyshots: Mercedes G-Class 4 × 4'2 Pick-up

It will now be declined (or more likely replaced) in pick-up version. We clearly distinguish in the pictures of this prototype the lower hinges of the rear side. A pickup truck that certainly does not have to carry large loads and is satisfied with a relatively small rear bucket. He nevertheless took care to extend his wheelbase. The shape of the rear door bears witness.

We believe that the vehicle in the photo gallery is not a pickup version of the G-Class. A truck would not make a lot of sense if we take a look at the proportions of the body, which would lead to a minuscule truck bed, making it almost unusable.

Instead, Mercedes-Benz might be experimenting with a Maybach version of the G500 Squared. The said model would make sense because it will offer an unprecedented level of luxury in the off-roader segment, along with impressive all-terrain capabilities. It would also enable the German automaker to make more money off the aging G-Class platform.

Mercedes-Benz is expected to reveal a production version of this exhibit in 2018 or at the end of 2017, almost like a swan song for the venerable G-Wagen.

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