Škoda Enyaq test drive: fully energized upto 500 KM

Škoda Enyaq test drive: fully energized upto 500 KM

The Skoda Enyaq is its first dedicated electric, with five versions and a starting price of over € 50,000.

The Skoda offer is giving a radical change, and it is that in just a few months it has gone from not offering any electrified version to electrifying practically its entire offer. There are plug-in hybrids but also pure electric ones, like the small Citigo and iV. And now also the Skoda Enyaq that we have already tested.

A few weeks ago the Czech manufacturer called us in Ireland to learn more about his first dedicated electric. Let\’s not forget that the Citigo is a variation on a car originally planned with combustion engines. So get ready because we are going to tell you what this zero emission SUV is like and how it goes behind the wheel.

camouflaged Skoda Enyaq

Škoda Enyaq test drive: fully energized upto 500 KM

Although for now Skoda shows us its Enyaq under a very corporate camouflage, we already know some data about this model. For example its size. With 4.64 m in length, 1.61 m in height and 1.87 m in width, it is located between the Karoq and the Kodiaq, completing an SUV offer that is not so much.

I explain. The Enyaq concept is somewhat different. Mix the robust appearance of an SUV with a familiar style. A result that personally reminds me a lot of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class . Of course, there is no lack of almost futuristic technological details, such as the LED lighting included in the front grill. Incidentally, its design is based on the no less spectacular Vision iV.

Digital interior

Škoda Enyaq test drive: fully energized upto 500 KM

No images of the interior of the Skoda Enyaq have yet been shown, a cabin that stands out for the implementation of digital screens . The test vehicles, still in the prototype phase, also had the dashboard camouflaged, but the arrangement of its elements was already clear.

Skoda already reflects that the multimedia system has a screen of up to 13 inches , a gigantic format that allows better control of the different menus. Of course, there is technology dedicated to the electrical system, such as charging point information or a range map .

For its part, it bets on minimalism, which leaves a dashboard dominated by its central part. This is that the dashboard, in front of the driver, is made up of a small digital screen with the basic information and very few configuration options. Skoda says that he wanted to stick to the Simply Clever argument also in this regard. This way it only displays the information the driver truly needs.

Very habitable

As it could not be otherwise in the firm, the Skoda Enyaq is a very habitable car . Okay, its size invites it. But it is that the interior elements have been placed very intelligently to make space for the occupants. And not only have we climbed in the rear seats, but we have filmed in them.

It offers plenty of space for rear passengers, at all levels, to which adds a boot of up to 585 liters of capacity. This is due to the placement of the batteries under the floor, which has another advantage: a very low center of gravity.

Three batteries

But the best of the Skoda Enyaq is under the skin. The brand has not intelligently focused on a single motor or a single battery, but has developed a very complete range in the Enyaq offer. Very Tesla-style. Together we can buy up to five different versions of the car, including a vRS sports variant.

How’s it going?

Fortunately our appointment in Ireland, which incidentally was there following the choice of the name , was also intended to drive the car. Of course, in a state of prototype, according to the different engineers with whom I was able to chat, about 60% of the final product . This is that adjustments will still be made, and best of all, we were able to participate, albeit minimally, in its development.

The caravan of cars traveled around 80 kilometers on Irish roads, a section that already allowed some conclusions to be drawn. It is a smooth car, extremely progressive, more than usual in electric, I mean. We tested the intermediate variant, which already offered enough power to move the car freely . Although let\’s not forget, one of the biggest handicaps for electric cars is their weight. The access Enyaq already flirts with the two tons .

It is a more precise car than I expected for a prototype, a set-up that I hope partially reaches production. The only thing to improve, although I warned you before, is not a final development, it is the suspension. Something dry on the rear axle, in which we agree with the engineers and even the head of development, with whom we share route and opinions. Of course, keeping such a mass going is no easy feat. A precise fit is required with sufficient rigidity that, at the same time, does not interfere with the comfort of the occupants.

Skoda Enyaq Release Date ?

The last question, when can I buy the Skoda Enyaq? The truth is that everything has been delayed because of the COVID-19, since the car aimed to be presented before the summer. Now it will be shown to the public after the summer season, to reach the market presumably later this year .

Nor can we talk about prices, since the range has not yet been defined, but we can give an approximation. As we have been told, the rate will be somewhat higher than that of Kodiaq RS, so we can speak of a starting price close to € 50,000 .

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