Russian billionaire buys 99% of Nürburgring

As we recall, in 2014 the Nürburgring had big financial problems, however, the Russian billionaire Viktor Kharitonin rescued the legendary track to acquire 80 percent of the shares.

However, this wealthy pharmaceutical entrepreneur wanted to go further by buying a 19 percent stake, so it is now 99 percent of Nürburgring owner.

Russian billionaire buys 99% of Nürburgring

For the latter operation, which allows it to be almost absolute master of the track, Viktor Kharitonin had to pay the amount of 38 million euros, that is little more than $ 43 million.It is worth mentioning that 1 percent of the shares is owned by getSpeed ​​, a companyspecializing in organizing business skills as well as preparing pilots and racing cars.

Following the acquisition of 99 percent of Nürburgring it is very likely that Formula 1 is back to this historic track.

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