Review Of Volvo V90 2017 Cross Country UK

Review Of Volvo V90 2017 Cross Country UK

The Volvo V90 Cross Country will appeal to someone who loves “active” on weekends. You know the class, it is they who leave their families for the BMX bike adventure or whitewater kayak on Saturday and Sunday, and will tell you everything this Monday morning. These are so-called “lifestyle buyers” – people who do not want or need a suitable SUV, but who still want something that can pass through hills and valleys, while carrying family and Fido luggage in comfort.

This could be the niche market – it is expected that only 25% of V90 buyers in the UK to go to the cross country spec – but Volvo has the story here. The original XC V70 set a formula for the field study in 1998, which was stuck to since by increasing the height of 60mm on foot, adjusting a wider track and finishing with the softer, more flexible and AWD tires. To enhance its muscular image, the V90 Cross Country has also extended wheel arches and a strong body lining that extends around its lower edges.

Review Of Volvo V90 2017 Cross Country UK

And that’s all, really. Inside, you will not notice any difference between it and the regular V90 car, which is not a bad thing at all. The only extra is a new form of off-road driving accessed through a dial that rotates in the center console, which adjusts throttle mapping, steering and gearbox to facilitate off-road driving.

We were impressed when we drove the V90 Cross Country into Sweden last month, but the asphalted and undulating B roads in the UK present a different challenge to frozen lakes and snow. So, with the car now in the UK, how do you square rivals like the Audi A6 Allroad and Mercedes-Benz E-class off-road?

The elevation of the height of the V90 has already made the right driving position an excellent, giving drivers an unobstructed view of the road ahead. The seats are comfortable and comfortable, and there is simply masses of space inside for people and luggage. Even with a six-footer in the driving seat, larger adults in the rear will find that they have plenty of head and leg room, and although the intermediate seat passengers get a larger deal Bad, it is still quite comfortable for short trips. Sure, it matches the A6 Allroad for absolute comfort, although the E-Class All Terrain has more fixtures.

Review Of Volvo V90 2017 Cross Country UK

We have already said that the V90 standard crosses a fine line between dynamic maneuverability and comfort across the continent, but the Cross Country is certainly the last. There is more bodywork in the hard corners than in the standard car, but its soft accelerator, quiet engine and new shock absorbers offer a lumping experience, whether on the highway or on small roads B.

The D4 diesel engine in our car is the entry-level option in the Cross Country, and that’s the only way you can have four-wheel drive with this engine less powerful (D5 models all have four-wheel drive in standard). While the D4 has enough power for most situations, the 8.8sec taken to go from 0-62mph feels slow. D5’s most powerful PowerPulse technology – which turns on compressed air to the turbocharger for near-instantaneous acceleration – is better suited to the V90 Cross Country’s butch attitude and is the engine we are looking for. There is no gasoline option for now, but Volvo says it assesses whether to bring gasoline options to the UK if the demand is strong enough.

When you get out of the way, the V90 remains dialed, and its off-road mode (which holds the first and second speeds for longer) will help give drivers even timid confidence. Hill Descent Command kicks automatically when you reach the crest of a hill, and even though the Cross Country is designed for muddy slopes and fields rather than full wilderness, it is likely to easily manage anything the owner would reasonably Throw at it.

F you are convinced that a conventional SUV crossover or does not suit you better, so cars like the V90 Cross Country is certainly worth seeing. In addition, if you are bored of the usual German offer, then ride Volvo high and comfortable centered on the area you should probably good. We were going for the most powerful diesel engine D5 D4 in the test here, but regardless of the version you choose, we will get a flexible and spacious area that can deal with weekend hiking with ease.

Review Of Volvo V90 2017 Cross Country UK

Volvo V90 Cross Country D4

Hotel location description Birmingam; Now on sale; Price £ 39,785; 4cyl engine, 1969cc, turbo, diesel; 187bhp power at 4250rpm; Torque 295 lb-ft 1750-2500 rev / min; 8-speed automatic transmission; Unladen weight 1826 kg; 0-62 mph 8.8sec; 130 mph top speed; 54.3mpg Economy (combined); CO2 / tax band 138g / km, 27%; Audi A6 Allroad Rivals, Mercedes E-Class Suv

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