Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic Test

Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic Test & Review

The Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic, high-end Range Rover, is now available in two versions. The long-wheelbase, comfort-oriented model is now fitted with a more sporty variant with a normal wheelbase, known as Dynamic.

The concept

The current Range Rover is marketed since 2013 and remains the flagship of the English brand, known for the asserted off-road capabilities of its products. A Range Rover is a vehicle as comfortable in front of the steps of a palace (royal …) as in nature. That said, SUVs are on the rise, we know, including in the most prestigious categories. Not wanting to be absent from this lucrative market, Jaguar Land Rover is relying on its SVO (Special Vehicle Operations) division, which is somewhat equivalent to M at BMW and AMG at Mercedes.

Which is new

Until now, only the Range Rover has long wheelbase had benefited from the good care of SVO: Range SVAutobiography was (and remains …) available with all the engines. This model is especially for those who can / want to hire a driver. Hence a rear royal habitability and a suspension that clearly favors comfort. Same thing for the cockpit which benefits from a particularly luxurious treatment. But at Range Rover we were aware that even among those who prefer to drive than to be driven, there are customers who want the best in terms of luxury and refinement but want a More dynamic behavior than the larger wheelbase. For these people, there is now the Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic, recognizable by slight exterior retouching (and an “expressive” sports kit that will soon be available as an option …) and its super luxurious interior, but at More sporty style. Mechanically, it is the V8 compressor of 5 liters and 550 hp that officiates under the hood. And on the chassis side, the suspension has also been revised and corrected in view of the new vocation of the car.

How does it run?

It was on the highway and, above all, on the charming little roads of the English countryside, that we were able to take the measure of this novelty. Our test car having the steering wheel on the wrong side, it goes without saying that caution should be taken. In terms of power and torque (680 Nm), there is plenty to do. As a result, this vessel of some 2,5 tons (despite the presence of an aluminum structure) accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just over 5 seconds. Compared to the “normal” version, this Dynamic is more alert, but its firmer suspensions digest inequalities less well. The management is on the other hand more pleasant because more direct. While the seats offer excellent body support, they are also firmer than the long wheelbase SVAutobiography. The rear habitability is also less generous, with a reduced legroom but remains more than correct. As for the V8 compressor, it is a jewel. The mechanical sound is a delight, although it is less marked than that of a Range Rover Sport SVR. Unfortunately, this is paid for at the pump, with an appetite which, according to the enthusiasm of the driver, oscillates between 12 and 20 l / 100 km, or even more.

Equipment Prices

Given their technical characteristics, the Range Rover SVAutobiography are entitled to special treatment within the SVO division, which is paid for. This is how a standard SVAutobiography Dynamic is displayed at 32,000 euros more than a standard Autobiography (169,700 against 137,800 euros). And still without going through the program “Bespoke” (also implemented by SVO) and its countless possibilities of equipment and special packings. We therefore address here, obviously, to another public for whom the price is secondary but wants to drive in a car personalized exactly according to his wishes.

Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic Test & Review


Until recently the Range Rover occupied a unique position in the luxury SUV segment, which eventually gave ideas to the competition. BMW has reacted with the M versions of its X5 (and, soon, its X7), Audi sells the SQ7 but also thinks of a Q9, while Mercedes, with the AMG variants of its large SUV, targets the same customers. At Porsche we will soon see an even more sporting and / or luxurious Cayenne. And on the super SUV side, we should not forget the Bentley Bentayga and the future Rolls-Royce Cullinan. So it was said, at Land Rover, that it was high time to react, which was done by offering SVO treatment to the most posh models. And here, almost everything is possible, the only limit being the imagination (and the bank account) of the most demanding customers!

Our verdict

This SVAutobiography Dynamic comes to fit the Range Rover range from the top. It is intended for those who like to drive themselves and want a more dynamic Range. The goal is achieved, but it is necessary to renounce the padded comfort of other Range Rover and the transition to Special Vehicle Operations hurts the wallet. It remains that if one accepts this quest for ever more, ever more efficient, and always more special, the existence of the most sporty Range Rover appears justified.

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