Peugeot to convert its star 208 to the electric

Peugeot to convert its star 208 to the electric

Queen of sales of Peugeot, will adopt an electric motorization in 2019. An electric 2008 will arrive a year later. But it will be the DS3 Crossback that will inaugurate this new offer zero emission PSA.

Converting the star of its sales to the motorization announced as the next big trend, this is becoming a strategic choice quite logical. And that\’s what PSA has just done.

During a day organized with its investors this week, the French group confirmed that the next generation of its 208 will be proposed in electric version from September 2019, indicates a note from a financial consulting firm consulted by Reuters .

Peugeot to convert its star 208 to the electric

An electric with “thermal option”

The second generation of the 208 will indeed be based on the new e-CMP platform (electrically compatible). More surprising, and always according to the rating of investors, the city would be proposed in 100% electric with “thermal option”. This probably leaves two possibilities: a gasoline or diesel engine that will add to the electric for a hybrid system, or, less likely, an extension of autonomy, as on the BMW i3 for example.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, PSA\’s Director of Research & Development, Gilles Le Borgne, had already explained that the next 208 would be proposed in electric version and with far fewer diesel engines than the previous generation. Another bestseller of the brand should also switch to electrification: the SUV 3008 should be proposed as early as 2019 in plug-in hybrid , with under the hood nearly 300 horsepower.

The real PSA electric startup

The e-208 will be followed by an electric version of the 2008 compact SUV in 2019. Within the PSA group, however, it will be DS that will inaugurate the electric offer with the DS3 Crossback (version “baroudeuse” of the small city car) expected for the first half of 2019. Finally, Citroen will join the movement in 2020, said the boss of the Linda Jackon brand in Frankfurt.

If PSA already offers two 100% electric vehicles in its range, the Peugeot iOn and the Citroën C-Zero, these vehicles are actually adaptations of the Misubishi i-MiEV. The agreement with the Japanese brand had allowed the two brands to prove themselves precursors in the electric market by launching these two models as early as 2010.

The first generation of electric vehicles fully developed by PSA must enable the group to fulfill its commitments: to have 50% of electrified models (100% electric or rechargeable hybrid) and 80% in 2023. And prepare for the ” future without a thermal engine announced by the Minister of the Environment Nicolas Hulot for 2040 .

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