Opel insignia model 2017, Want to see inside?

Opel insignia model 2017, Want to see inside?

And in the German track we were able to photograph the new generation of the Insignia in a version with low profile wheels to check the behavior of the chassis with this type of tire. The new Opel Insignia will be available in the new generation, with five – door body and family Sports Tourer, leaving aside the traditional four – door version. 

Opel insignia model 2017, Want to see inside?The Opel Insignia 5-door has a practical tailgate. The increased distance between axes He talks about 10 centimeters ensures carrier with large amplitude.

The new model grows its wheelbase about 10 centimeters, so that its interior will offer a greater range, which is undoubtedly one of its strengths. There is also talk of a dashboard and instrument panel of great content and technological appearance. There is talk that will have a head up display and large screen digital instrument consists of 18 LED projectors that make a board that occupies the entire dashboard.

inside Opel insignia model 2017, A ‘traditional’ box

But we have been able to photograph inside and in this version that has been seized at the German circuit is we look at all this technology. Maybe try a basic version, but we see big screens, but simply watches in the box and a screen, possibly touch in the center of the dashboard. The steering wheel features integrated controls for stereo control , speed limiter, etc.

Opel insignia model 2017, Want to see inside?

And although the center console is covered, the feeling that beneath the screen there are fewer buttons than usual in the current Opel Insignia. We can also see that this logo image is equipped with automatic transmission, as seen by the lever. It could be the 8 – speed change that seems to equip the new German model.

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