Nissan NP300 Navara (2016) : Robustness, sophistication and comfort

Nissan NP300 Navara (2016) : Robustness, sophistication and comfort

Nissan seeks to revolutionize the segment of pick up with a new name NP300 Navara laden art technology that makes the pick up traditional look old. He moves with a new 2.3-liter engine with one or two turbochargers delivering different powers, 160 and 190 hp. The design is super sophisticated and edgy and excellent performance. The main novelty is that significantly improves its behavior on road.

Nissan wants to revolutionize the segment of the pick-up or light commercials by creating new NP300 Navara, who chose his Zona Franca factory in Barcelona to build it for almost everyone, trusting in Spain as one of the main builders cars and excellent quality standards. And he wants to revolutionize the segment with a Navara infinitely more comfortable and manageable that almost all of its rivals, including the previous generation.

Nissan NP300 Navara (2016) : Robustness, sophistication and comfort

You may ask as it has achieved … For through the development of a new independent multilink rear suspension with shock absorbers and springs instead of the uncomfortable and normal crossbows, always geared toward cars destined for loading of heavy materials such as vans great size or pick-up that we are interested in today. The more civilized and more powerful (190 hp) version of the Navara (Double Cab), not specifically designed to work but to solve the transport of people and material leisure and outdoor activities, this refined suspension incorporates guarantees capacity ofmaximum load of more than 1,000 kilos , like all its competitors, and increased towing capacity of up to 3,500 kilos .

The new NP300 Navara features a new independent rear suspension MultiLink pioneer in the segment that provides the highest ride comfort On Road

Nissan is currently on a path of growth dramatically since 2015 at a time of growing widespread market 23% of them as brand have grown no less than 39% , with the largest growth market, which inspires them to develop models into something duller segments to increase its overall market share. And a new measure to increase its overall market share, is that since the launch of this new NP300 Navara offer a factory warranty of 5 years or 160,000 kilometers for the entire range.

Nissan NP300 Navara (2016) : Robustness, sophistication and comfort

The new Navara brings together all the experience of the brand in the manufacture of cars with 4×4 all-wheel drive and especially pick-up , which began back in 1988 with the adventure of Patrol pick-up. In 2005 they released their first Navara , which gave them so well and now comes the renewal of the work vehicle with a concept much more focused on active lifestyle and outdoor .

The new NP300 Navara has a very clear motto: “Rugged as always, innovative as ever” . The new Navara has a perfect duality to be an accomplice in the professional activity and personal leisure activity. In fact, it preserves the strength, durability and rigidity of the previous generation, but will apply innovation in the hands of more comfort, greater technology and driving pleasure.

The new 2.3 liter dCi offers two scales of power through the use of one or two turboompresores, 160 hp and 190 hp with a consumption reduction of 24%

The look is fluid but imposing, suggesting even sportsmanship. It boasts a high front with a personal and attractive grill “V” and a bonnet with very marked, matching a rear box of large dimensions, the largest market lines. Laterally out a length of 5.33 meters , a height of ceiling recessed for the best aerodynamics and a tremendous wheelbase of 3.150 meters , with a height of more than considerable body guarantees to overcome the greatest obstacles.

Its capabilities will help more free range of a powerful engine newly developed 2.3 dCi with two scales of power, 160 hp with a turbocharger and 190 hp thanks to two turbochargers, initially fulfilling the antipollution regulations Euro 5 and Euro 6 from September . There are two types of contrast, a 6-speed manual for both engines and automatic converter traditional pair of seven relationshipsassociated with more powerful 190 hp engine.

The higher versions have a premium look more distinguished details, like an attractive alloy wheels18 inches , daytime running lights LED boomerang-shaped, side shields or chrome roof bars , matching the chrome mirrors the fog lamp bezels and grille.

Nissan NP300 Navara (2016) : Robustness, sophistication and comfort

In the inner time of poverty and scarcity, with an environment ran high quality and well-being … It has a sculpted dash and center console, suggesting scope and sophistication , consistent with alarge seating that provide maximum comfort. The strikers are located in a lower position and are ergonomic and good grip, while the rear offer great scope for five occupants and are more inclined 23º, which is more comfortable.

The technology of comfort and personal safety including Nissan NP300 Navara is very innovative in a pick up

But what is most striking is all Nissan-edge technology available to be a pick-up commercial, unheard. Available as standard or optionally superior finishes are active headlights automatic, multimedia system Nissan Connect , USB, navigation system, climate control, heated seats, reversing camera, cruise control on slopes or assistant. In terms of security out of the version number from the input frontal collision avoidance radar, which automatically slows to 30 km / h.

The range consists of two bodies, King Cab and Double Cab , both adaptable to chassis cab for specific professional use, which in fact can only be combined with the first ever basic finish Visia . To this are added the finishing Acenta, Tekna and N-Connecta , the latter finishing Double Cab only.The most powerful engine of 190 hp is only available with the Double Cab body and from the Acenta finish, while the automatic transmission is available only with the most powerful engine of 190 hp.

Since the finish of access Visia found in equipping all airbags, differential electronic limited sliplockable , stability control ESP , automatic activation of headlamps, speed control in Double Cab, daytime running lights and radio CD with Bluetooth , USB and auxiliary jack . The Acenta includes 16-inch wheels alloy, intelligent key and body color bumpers. The N-Connecta also offers rearview camera, 18-inch wheels, tinted windows and dual zone climate control, leaving optional roof bars and Nissan Connect system with 7-inch screen. But already it takes absolutely everything is Tekna grade with integral LED headlights, Nissan Connect, 360 camera, rear parking sensors, sunroof and upholstery electrically adjustable driver\’s skin.

As of February 15 can be purchased from dealers of the brand at prices PVP departing for pick-up without professional specific use of 27,103 euros for NP300 Navara King Cab Visia 160 hp , with alldiscounts including stays in 19,490 euros .

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