Nissan Leaf Unveil Its New aerodynamics in a teaser

The New Nissan Leaf Unveil Its New aerodynamics in a teaser

  • Nissan unveils a new teaser video of the second generation of the Leaf, which show us the model’s new aerodynamics.
  • The new Nissan electric will be presented next September 6, a few days before the start of the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017.

Nissan Leaf Unveil Its New aerodynamics in a teaser

The presentation of the second generation of the Nissan Leaf is getting closer. Just a few days ago we had the opportunity to see for the first time the new electric of the Japanese brand to the naked , since it was hunted during a promotional shooting , which allowed us to see its new design. And although the first images were quite blurred the design of the new body was exposed.

Despite the leak, the Japanese brand continues with its launch program , so this time gives us a teaser video showing the improved aerodynamics of the model, which according to Nissan in this new iteration will be lower and will be More stuck to the ground than the first generation, to try to avoid creating body lift effect.

According to the video, the next generation of the Leaf will feature a silhouette created ex profeso to achieve more stability at high speeds and against the cross winds. For this, the engineers have been inspired by the design of the profile of the wings of an airplane .

Nissan Leaf Unveil Its New aerodynamics in a teaser

The new Leaf will enjoy a completely new design, which breaks completely with the image of the previous compact . According to the filtered images of the model, at a glance we can see how the new Leaf drinks from the same sources as the newly renovated Nissan Micra , especially in the design of the frontal, very sharp and that disposes its elements in a very similar way to the Of the utility.

The design has been very important in this generation, and the resulting silhouette is sport hatchback type , with the curious design of floating type in the C pillar, which highlights the two-color finish of the body, dividing into two zones, from the bases Of the pillars upwards.

At the mechanical level, the new Leaf will have two versions of autonomy , depending on the battery pack chosen by the customer, or the 60 kWh lithium batteries with a range of autonomy around 300 kilometers, and the version of Access, not yet confirmed 40 kWh , which in theory should allow a range around 265 kms.

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