Nissan Juke vs FIAT 500x Comparison Review

Nissan Juke vs FIAT 500x Comparison Review

Comparison The Nissan Juke vs Fiat 500X rely both on their style to seduce. Italian hopes to remonstrate a Japanese installed and there is little tweaked.

There are several reasons to fall for an urban crossover. The most obvious is that they offer more or less the same interior space as a compact family in a smaller size and often at a lower price.However, some models have so seductive looks that we forgive them everything. Thus the Nissan Juke, with its rally car look and its not trivial proportions , has established itself in the eyes of the general public as the segment of the pioneer, although it was preceded by the Toyota Urban Cruiser Fiat Sedici, now totally forgotten.

Nissan Juke vs FIAT 500x Comparison Review
Nissan Juke vs FIAT 500x Comparison Review #1

Annoyed at having missed the mark on his first attempt, although Fiat now has revenge. For that, he pulled his favorite weapon: include the name and the look of the city its crisp 500 and adapt to a higher template . Long 4.25 m, the newcomer is indeed much more to do with his little sister, shorter than 70 cm. The Italian crossover also has among the largest in the segment , as fathom the Juke 12 cm. The difference is not obvious when the two cars are placed side by side. Only the back of the 500X clearly seems more massive than the Nissan, quite finely worked. The both of them show obvious physical arguments and heart stroke is primarily a matter of taste.

Inside, too, the opposing styles. Unsurprisingly label 500 and forcing theFiat sports a large facade customizable dashboard, usually the body color.Without reaching the summits, the finish shows just fine and almost high-end equipment. Provided draw in the options catalog, it is possible to get a backup camera, an anti-collision radar, a blind spot warning … With this model, Fiat has filled his usual delay in the matter.

By offering a 360 ° camera and a true connected navigation system (see box), the Nissan Juke offers even more possibilities. The finish , in particular as regards the door panels seems a slight notch below 500X .Nothing dramatic, however, many competitors clearly neglecting this point, the Japanese is in good average. The originality of its customizable painted transmission tunnel even manages to please the eye.

At its recent facelift, the Juke won chest, traction versions with a double bottom formed by taking advantage of the lack of rear differential. Now it displays a volume of 354 liters, four liters of little more than 500X. And this is not the space in the rear seats, just in the two models especially at the headroom, which will separate the two competitors on the livability plan.

Nissan Juke Features & Design

Nissan Juke vs FIAT 500x Comparison Review

The Juke certainly has a distinctive – maybe jarring – appearance, something you will either love or hate. For the new year, there are not too many changes, yet there are new headlights, a thinner grille with a bolder V-shaped elements, 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, a power moonroof, and more.
Nissan Juke vs FIAT 500x Comparison Review
The interior of the Juke features a 60/40-split folding backseat, front bucket seats, either fabric or leather upholstery. Technology also includes a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity, steering-wheel audio controls, and NissanConnect system with Moble Apps.

2016 FIAT 500x Features & Design

Nissan Juke vs FIAT 500x Comparison Review

The Fiat 500x boasts the iconic Fiat styling, yet merges the classic designs with a sporty aesthetic. The design features signature Fiat “whiskers and logo” face, double headlamps, a rounded clamshell hood, and a trapezoidal nose.

Nissan Juke vs FIAT 500x Comparison Review

The interior boasts incredible designs with a circular cluster display, clever storage options,  iconic door handles, a body-color instrument panel, and heated front seats and steering wheel. Also available is Bluetooth streaming audio, an excellent Uconnect 6.5 radio with a 6.5-inch high-resolution touchscreen, and more.

Long live the essence!

Since the recent update of the Juke, sales of gasoline engines have soared, reaching 55% of volumes sold . All this is simply due to the arrival of the four-cylinder 1.2 DIG-T, strong 115 hp and already seen in the Renault range. It is this block that we have selected. To compensate for the higher mass of about 140 kg of the Fiat 500X (which weighs 1320 kg load), we have chosen a more powerful bloc, namely the 1.4 MultiAir 140 bhp.With this engine, the Italian crossover shows more or less the same performance on paper than its Japanese competitor: 0 to 100 km / h in 9.8 seconds (against 10.8 seconds for the Juke) and top speed of 180 km / h (against 178 km / h).

Nissan Juke vs FIAT 500x Comparison Review

With its new engine, the Juke is rather brilliant. Flexible at low revs and lively at the outset of the red zone, the little 1.2 distils amazing performance . Without a doubt, this is the best choice from the range. Its consumption manages to remain almost reasonable, averaging raised from 8.0 l / 100 km highway, 7.5 l / 100 km after a mixed path, which value may go down to 6.8 l / 100 km highway by adopting a smooth driving.

On a pleasant, almost sporty, this block goes perfectly with a pretty dynamic chassis that willingly accepts wiggle walk at sunrise. Add to that a shift lever conveniently placed and short displacements (a sixth is just reproach that hooks) to give a very pleasant car to drive. The suspension has an entirely satisfactory compromise between holding cash and comfort.

Nissan Juke vs FIAT 500x Comparison Review

As for comfort, the Fiat 500X may collect praise. Farm uncomfortable on even small irregularities , where it charges its lack of roll and his incisive direction. Yet a little more pleasant to carry on small roads that its Japanese competitor, the Italian crossover offers more better driving position, thanks to the greater range of settings (the wheel of Juke does not fit in depth). The additional horses have no trouble accommodate kilos too much, so the 1.4 MultiAir provides even more pleasure that the Franco-Japanese engine , including regarding the sound. Still, the four-cylinder Italian drinks an average of 0.5 l / 100 km more.

When making accounts, Fiat 500X and Nissan Juke rank among the models with the best price / market equipment. However, in its finish Connect Edition (hands-free access, blind spot monitoring, automatic air conditioning, GPS …) proposed to € 20,950, the Juke shows simply unbeatable . Opposite 500X Lounge hardly justify its € 23,390 by his few extra horses and xenon headlights. The Japanese did not meet with success for nothing!

Nissan Juke vs FIAT 500x Comparison ReviewFiat 500X 1.4 MultiAir 140 (2015). Image © LQA – N. Miller

The Juke really connected

Wars connected systems raged all range of levels. With Nissan Connect, the Juke proposes linking the Google search and application TripAdvisor to GPS. This makes it easy to find a hotel or restaurant and directly enter the address as a destination to the navigation system, without having to retype. Practice, despite some delays, this system has the great advantage of … work! Many competing systems to be victims of bugs with some phone models, offering applications or unable to talk to each other. Too bad only as recognition of the traffic is not up to it, not to avoid the caps effectively. Despite its promising name, the Uconnect Fiat is close to zero degrees of connectivity. It is simply able to interface to incoming and outgoing calls and play music content in a mobile device. No internet connected application is compatible.


Both the Juke and 500x offer unique styling techniques, and fun-to-drive dynamics. The Fiat 500x easily stands apart with its various drivetrains, while the Juke has some great interior features. Have a question about either of these vehicles? Give us a call, and we would be happy to answer any questions!