The New Renault Twingo GT Test and Review

The New Renault Twingo GT Test and Review

With its 110 horsepower engine placed behind the driver’s badge Renault Sport and its propulsion, the Twingo GT could have become the new hot hatch cities. It is not so. But what is the point of this version?

Once the theatrical emotion has passed, head to the Ferté Gaucher to see what this little Twingo GT has in the womb. A circuit, you’ll say I’m crazy, but this is the best way to see if it isa true “Renault Sport”!

The New Renault Twingo GT Test and Review

A plumage Renault Sport ?? !

Aesthetically, already, it is similar . The dual exhaust, the 17-inch wheels, the stickers or the air intake of the engine just above the left rear wheel give sportiness to the mini-city car. Moreover, this small scoop has not only a decorative function since it allows to cool the engine.

Centerpiece of the GT version, the block is none other than the 3-cylinder TCe house , cubing 898 cm 3 . Except that the little three legged benefited from some changes (mapping, water pumps and gasoline), which allowed him to gain 20 horsepower (110 hp) and 35 Nm (170 Nm) .

Power and more torque dose welcome since the TCe gum inertia and the obvious lack of pep version 90 horses . Vif (9.6 s at 0 to 100 km / h) and less vibrant, the engine of the Twingo GT even suggests a rather pleasant sound character during acceleration supported. And his association with the manual 5-speed gearbox is quite successful on the first reports with good guidance of the box – sometimes catchy – and a finely tuned staging.

The New Renault Twingo GT Test and Review

But without the ramage!

Where it spoils, it is in more sportive driving. In a straight line at high speed, the car tends to float despite the operated working to stiffen the chassis. In particular, the shock absorbers were strengthened and the anti-roll bar increased. Same for management whose accuracy is poor in the sequences of bends.

Another grievance, his temperament understeer . The muzzle systematically wants to pull straight while we would have preferred a side overshooter. Nothing more natural for a rear engine drive! Yet, once again, it is disappointment. The ESP cutting all inclinations of shimmying ass , and worse, can not overcome this crutch!

Its true playground, the city

Were we excited by the seductive style? Without a doubt. The high-pitched driving position should have put us a flea in the ear. Because ultimately, this is only a Twingo GT a little more lookée and powerful .

So, she retains her city skills. Always so handy to town with a Lilliputian turning radius (8.6 meters), so it enjoys a greater vivacity (1,000 kg) for running red lights. But changes to the chassis have had some impact on comfort, now degraded at low speed on the Parisian cobblestones.

A defect that fades by increasing the pace but that reveals another, too long gear ratios on the latest reports . So, it is necessary to play the leverage to benefit from better times, causing a rise in consumption (8.5 l / 100 km in the combined cycle).

Justified extra cost

Only three competitors in the segment benefit from engines close to the Twingo GT. But whether the Fiat 500 0.9 TwinAir 105 hp , the Opel Adam Ecotec 1.0 Turbo 115 hp and twin false Smart ForFour Brabus 0.9 110 bhp , they all show prices higher than that of the small to the diamond.

Sold € 17,100 ( € 2,600 more than the TCe 90 hp Intensity ) , the Twingo GT enjoys a serial equipment rather well supplied . Apart from all the mechanical evolutions and chassis already mentioned, it benefits from the air conditioning, a specific interior or the rear parking aid and the automatic lighting of the headlights and windscreen wipers.

The New Renault Twingo GT Test and Review

Renault Twingo GT 0.9 TCe 110hp

Dimensions L x W x H 3,595 / 1,647 / 1,557
Wheelbase 2,492 m
Minimum / maximum trunk volume 219 liters
Unloaded weight 980 kg
Displacement 3-cylinder in-line Turbo – 898 cm 3
Power 110 hp at 5.750 rpm
Couple 170 Nm at 2,000 rpm
0 to 100 km / h 9.6 s
Max speed 182 km / h
Fiscal power 6 HP
Mixed cycle 5.2 l / 100 km
CO levels 2 115 g / km
Ecobonus Neutral
Prices Starting from 17.100 euros
Model tried
Renault Twingo GT 0.9 TCe 110hp
17,100 euros

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