New Nissan Armada Nismo Specs, Change, Interior & Details

New Nissan Armada Nismo Specs, Change, Interior & Details

Nissan is rolling out a high-performance version of the Patrol in other markets. Will the Nismo Edition be added to the Armada?

No, the Nissan Armada Nismo doesn’t exist, at least not yet. But in other markets, this colossus bears the name Nissan Patrol, which has been subjected to the high-performance treatment of the manufacturer’s Nismo division. At this time, this vehicle is only available to consumers in the Middle East.

New Nissan Armada Nismo Specs, Change, Interior & Details

At first glance, it would be quite normal to assume that this Patrol Nismo is powered by the same engines as the Nissan GT-R. After all, the division’s latest exploded project, the Juke Nismo, incorporated the sport’s 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 engine along with its all-wheel drive; which made it a small SUV that looked straight out of hell.

For the Patrol, things remain a bit more conservative. In reality, the engine doesn’t change: it’s the same 5.6-liter V8, but Nismo engineers still managed to squeeze out an additional 28 horsepower. We therefore end up with a final power of 428 horsepower. Torque, however, remains intact at 413 lb-ft. This engine remains mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission.

The most important changes were made especially in the suspensions and chassis. Several reinforcements have been added to the structure to stiffen it. Bilstein brand shocks replace the original parts. Nismo also recalibrated the hydraulic power steering system to make it respond faster. Exclusive 22-inch aluminum rims slightly reduce the vehicle’s net mass.

New Nissan Armada Nismo Specs, Change, Interior & Details

As for the rest, it’s aesthetic, and, in this regard, the Patrol Nismo does not go unnoticed!

Only four body colors are offered, pearl white, magnetic black, gray or silver. Ground effects unique to the model, as well as completely redesigned bumpers complete the package. We also notice a distinctive grille.

New Nissan Armada Nismo Specs, Change, Interior & Details

The interior of a Patrol Nismo has nothing to do with an ordinary variant. There are red trims on the seats, the interior of the doors and the stitching, as well as carbon fiber elements and redesigned dials.

It is very unlikely that a Nissan Armada Nismo will see the light of day with us. After all, the Armada isn’t a big seller when compared to its competitors at General Motors and Ford, not to mention the fact that marketing a high-performance version wouldn’t look good in an industry that is trying. reduce its GHG emissions.

But let’s face it: the idea of ​​such a machine is proving interesting, and it is clear that the few lucky owners will have a future collector’s item in their hands.

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