Mercedes AMG GT S Review, 450 Km Test Drive

Mercedes AMG GT S Review, 450 Km Test Drive

The brand with the star invited me to take the keys, for a journey of over 450 km. With 510 horsepower, from a twin-turbo V8, no question of enquiller the highway like a badger! Indeed, this is primo and secondo uninteresting I might make me put down the binoculars by the constabulary! So I spent a few hours to put together a route almost exclusively composed of departmental, just make the most of the new Silver Arrow.

Mercedes AMG GT S Review, 450 Km Test Drive
Mercedes AMG GT S Review, 450 Km Test Drive
Mercedes AMG GT S Review, 450 Km Test Drive

The AMG GT has all the attributes of a GT …

Under his racy line, cut in aluminum, lies a chassis with short wheelbase and wide track, with a huge amount of work done on the mass balance to achieve a ratio of 47% at the front and therefore 53% rear. This result close to perfection was made ​​possible thanks to the engineers placed the 4-liter V8 front mid in the “cockpit” and the automatic 7-speed gearbox on the rear axle and a door-to -faux reduced. The whole design of the car exudes driving pleasure.Mercedes AMG GT S Review, 450 Km Test Drive

Mercedes AMG GT S Review : The performance of a supercar …

Under the hood, which never seems to end, hides a new twin-turbo V8 in the original design. For more compact, engine manufacturers have placed in the center of the “V” under each row a turbo 4-cylinder.The direct piezoelectric fuel injection is required to be of limited use. In addition, the dry sump lubrication allows a lowering of the center of gravity. The result is our AMG GT S sends a cavalry 510 thoroughbreds and 650 Nm of torque on the rear axle. The brand announces a 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 310 km / h . As you can see, Mercedes and AMG have put the dishes in large to make their second true model in common.Mercedes AMG GT S Review, 450 Km Test Drive

Mercedes AMG GT S Review : Enough talk, gazzzzz!

First, take place in his cockpit. Well, uh … what to say? It’s just beautiful! The design of the interior is a blend of modernism which is expressed by tense horizontal lines and classicism with here and there nanometers, round air vents, the quilted leather with stitching, aluminum and steering wheel in Alcantara . Once seated, I noticed that the bucket seats were all possible adjustments: height, depth, adjusting the lumbar … etc. and it is easy to quickly find my driving position. The speedometer, which is just in front of my eyes wide, has a delusional 360 km / h … I shudder!Mercedes AMG GT S Review, 450 Km Test Drive

Mercedes AMG GT S Review : No turns waste!

I press the brake and the “Start” button. The beast wakes up in a roar to rival the king of beasts and savanna. The engine roars, bellows, backfiring in a thunderous symphony. I play the pallets and the gas pedal, jumping from one corner to the other with the same ease with a small GTi. Everything is combined with talent adaptive damping is on top, the chassis is rigid wish, limited slip differential is impeccable, the brakes are powerful and durable and the steering is precise and direct.

The seven-speed automatic transmission is just outstanding, perhaps the best I have ever had in his hands. Ideally calibrated and maintained to perfection by software, it adapts to the conduct of the driver. Each downshift in modes “Sport” and “Race”, it returns the gas to prevent the lock box. It’s just a genius idea! The average consumption of 12.8 L / 100km not bridera my passions, because it is not that expensive paid compared to the pleasure provided!Mercedes AMG GT S Review, 450 Km Test Drive

The party is forever!

Deserted roads, stunning scenery bathed in sunshine and not a priori any policeman to bully the ardor of my shooting star! What more? Well … the test track!As driving between 90 and 110 km / h with a 510 horsepower engine that propels it’s more than frustrating. With a base price of € 144,000, our Merco really not given, especially as the Teutons are quickly inflate Addition with options. Ours receives for exactly € 42,400. However, AMG managed to create a kind of new category, that of GT-SuperCar! With a look of GT SuperCar and performance, it makes you wonder if it was not for a new missing link of the car. As for me, I give you an appointment for the test on the tarmac of a track in an upcoming issue!