McLaren P1 GTR Specs and Concept

McLaren P1 GTR Specs and Concept – Last summer was the elegance of Pebble Beach competition, where McLaren had presented the concept car of the P1. The English firm today lifts the veil on the final version, before a formal presentation at the Geneva Motor Show.

McLaren P1 GTR Specs and Concept

In designing the McLaren P1 GTR Specs, engineers from Woking followed a simple rule: the function dictates the form .All cosmetic changes that differentiate a road P1 are thus effective aerodynamically. Let’s start with the front, which is a team of more aggressive blade and is lowered by 50 mm. The “ducks” its carbon also on hand to channel the airflow and increase support, while the front axle widens considerably (+ 80 mm).The standard wheels were replaced with lightweight alloy counterparts with central locking, and are equipped with Pirelli slicks.

vue 3-4 avant McLaren P1 GTRavant McLaren P1 GTRvue profil McLaren P1 GTR

The back is adorned with a finally fixed adjustable spoiler , 10 cm higher than the P1. Everything is presented here in a yellow and green livery, a nod to the decoration of the legendary McLaren F1 GTR Harrods which is illustrated in the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1995.

vue 3-4 arriere McLaren P1 GTRarriere McLaren P1 GTRMcLaren F1 GTR Harrods P1 GTRMcLaren F1 GTR Harrods P1 GTR-2

Not surprisingly, plays inside the map asceticism . Carbon is omnipresent, the small rectangular steering wheel contains the core controls and we note the presence of a single bucket seat. P1 GTR is a car that therefore appreciate that alone, no baptisms in perspective!

interieur McLaren P1 GTRposte conduite McLaren P1 GTR


History to score a little minds, engineers focused on both engines to reach the symbolic 1,000 horses cumulative power (+84 hp). The engine, a V8 biturbo 3.8, is given to 800 horsepower and the electric motor 200 provides the missing nags.

A real hunt pounds was also undertaken. The roof is now fully carbon, polycarbonate windows and the two tailpipes are made ​​of titanium and inconel. The assembly allows a weight gain of about fifty pounds compared to a road P1 , which puts the GTR below 1350 pounds.


1.35 kg / hp, as saying that it’s very, very violent acceleration. And as McLaren does not want all P1 GTR end into the wall at the first output circuit, McLaren P1 GTR Driver Program was established. A bit like the Ferrari Corse Clienti of this program is to train the owners of the hypercar for them to be able to operate safely. Thus, the driver benefits from a molded bucket size, an assessment of the physical capacity to personalized advice and chose the livery of his car in the presence of the director of brand design. A test session will take place at Silverstone and the first real track day will take place at the Barcelona circuit in Spain.

P1 and P1 GTR are part of the Ultimate Series range of McLaren. The heart of the range, called Super Series, consists of 650S and 625C (reserved for China) and the 675LT soon to be unveiled in Geneva. Finally,a Sport Series entry will be launched in April for the New York area, with a model whose name has not been officially confirmed. (abcmoeur)

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