Lexus LS 2018 Flagship Sports Sedan Specs

Lexus LS 2018 Flagship Sports Sedan Specs

Lexus LS 2018Under the hood we get a new 3.5-liter V6 engine, which has been specifically tuned for the LS, producing 415bhp and 600Nm of torque that will charge it from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds (all-wheel drive).

To deliver this power, Lexus has equipped a 10-speed automatic transmission, said to allow constant levels of acceleration and torque accumulation.

Drivers can use paddles behind the wheel to shift gears or rely on the advanced electronic control system, which will anticipate driver input.

A new chassis built with tensile steel and aluminum is 90kg lighter than the previous LS, and gives the car a lower and improved center of gravity.

Lexus LS 2018 Flagship Sports Sedan Specs

This, coupled with the dynamic integrated vehicle management system and dynamic Lexus handling, must ensure that the car efficiently distributes power and handles the corners well.

Because the car has been lowered Lexus have fitted something called Air Suspension, which will raise the car when it has opened to allow easier access in and out of the car.

Inside the cabin newly designed seats on the front and back offer heating, cooling and massage functions and a newly designed dashboard are among the remarkable feature.

The new “seat-in-control” dashboard configuration is designed to allow the driver to operate all systems without having to change his posture.

Lexus LS 2018 Flagship Sports Sedan Specs

Lexus LS 2018 Flagship Sports Sedan Specs

“I suggest that you simply open the door and experience that immediate and intuitive feeling that you are looking for an interior that is unlike any luxury car before,” said Design Chief Suga in a company statement.

The cabin will not be noisy as the Japanese car company has focused on the smooth and silent cruise with Active Noise Control to detect, suppress and cancel certain frequencies inside the car using the antiphase sound of the speakers.

Among the key car safety features are a pedestrian system that detects people around the car and protects them from collisions.

The new, more attractive system, the Lexus CoDrive, provides steering control in accordance with driver intent and continuous driving support on motorways.

“The LS is the flagship of the Lexus brand,” said Chief Designer Koichi Suga.

“More than any other model, it embodies the history and image of Lexus and serves as a symbol for everything the brand stands for.

Prices and a specific release date have not yet been announced.

Lexus LS outline tech specs at a glance: 

  • Vehicle type – Full-size premium luxury saloon
  • Engine – 3.5-litre V6 with direct fuel injection and twin turbochargers
  • Transmission – 10-speed automatic
  • Output – 415bhp/310kW
  • Torque – 600Nm
  • Wheelbase – 3,125mm
  • Overall length – 5,235mm
  • Height – 1,450mm
  • Width – 1,900mm
  • Wheels – 19 or 20-inch

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