Land Rover Discovery, the 7-seater SUV that loves mud!

Land Rover Discovery, the 7-seater SUV that loves mud!

For its fifth generation, the Land Rover Discovery is “Range Rover” in style and in the quality of its interior. All with 7 real seats and excellent off-road capabilities. Unbeatable for the baroudious families?

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How to find its place between two myths like the rustic Defender (next generation scheduled for 2019) and the upscale Range Rover ? If the task did not look really easy,in 27 years of career and 1.2 million copies, Discovery has certainly managed to fit between the two fighters Land Rover.

Land Rover Discovery, the 7-seater SUV that loves mud!For its fifth generation, the recipe is always the same: to offera more affordable SUV 7 seats that the Range and less extreme than the Defender. Except that the new Discovery has gone further by becoming even more embroiled, while developing its off-road abilities.

Everywhere, in all times!

To help in the most difficult terrain, the engineers at Land Rover have made him undergo a drastic diet based on aluminum (85% of the structure) and even magnesium , a material used on supercars. The result is convincing, the weight has dropped by 480 kg (2.1 ton)!

Therefore lighter, more leggy with ground clearance of up to 28.3 cm with air suspension (€ 1620), the Disco can also rely on many technologies greatly facilitate the life off-road . For example, the all-wheel drive is available as an option with a long box and a short box (All Terrain Pack 3.130 €), and the whole system is managed by the Terrain Response 2 system, which offers many driving modes (Earth, snow, mud. ..).

Land Rover Discovery, the 7-seater SUV that loves mud!
Land Rover Discovery, the 7-seater SUV that loves mud!

Other more innovative systems have also emerged, monitoring progress in all-terrain which adjusts a speed between 2 km / h and 30 km / h downhill or uphill, but also Wade Sensing (360 € ), a ford crossing detector indicating real-time water depth (maximum 90 cm).

Many strings arc of this impressive machine crossing 4.97 meters . Muddy ruts, deep fords or stone paths, nothing resists. This mastodon plays clay as easily as a stream or even a slope carpeted with slippery rocks. It\’s simple, it goes everywhere !

The most generous of the category

And with everyone since it can accommodate up to 7 people (€ 1,630)! Rare enough to point out, the car was designed as a vehicle 7 seats, the third row is spacious enough to accommodate guests measuring more than 1 meter 80. claustrophobic refrain, because as always, the back seat is quite high and thus encroaches on the last passengers of view.

To facilitate modularity, Discovery offers multiple ways to tilt the seats of the second and third rows : with the buttons in the trunk and close the rear pillars, through the infotainment system or more innovative, to From an application on its Smartphone.

Land Rover Discovery, the 7-seater SUV that loves mud!
Land Rover Discovery, the 7-seater SUV that loves mud!

More classic, the seats in the second row can slide to adapt knee space or the cargo volume of the trunk. The latter is also impressive with values between 258 liters (7-passenger), 1,137 liters (5-seat configuration) and 2,406 liters (configuration 2 places). Far ahead of its competitors like the Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7 .

Well as other practical aspects of storage scattered to the 4 corners of the cabin, a hyper-connectivity (up to nine USB ports and 6 12V sockets) and a folding tailgate tray which can for example be used to remove bench His boots full of mud.

A little Range Rover in the cockpit ?? And in the price!

Because it would be a shame to mess up its cockpit! Clearly inspired by that of its big brother Range , the interior uses the same gimmicks and finish quality. On this point, it marks a considerable step forward compared to its former generation.

An upmarket which necessarily affects slightly on price with a ticket now set at € 50 900 (180 TD4 S Auto) . For the high-end (3.0 TD6 HSE Luxury 258 hp), it will take € 74,000 without options, that is to say the final over € 85,000 . The € 98,600 Range Rover entry are not so far!

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