Lamborghini LM002 Review, The Italian Hummer

Lamborghini LM002 Review, The Italian Hummer

How is Lamborghini LM002 Review? lets begin with the short story of Lamborghini LM002 Review. The signing of Sant\’Agata Bolognese has its eyes on the future. In addition to taking stunning special editions based on their sports Lamborghini Aventador, they plan to launch in the not too distant future which some believe will be their first crossover, the Lamborghini Urus . However, nothing is further from reality, as this you see before you is the first SUV of the Italian firm, the Lamborghini LM002 .

Lamborghini LM002 Review, The Italian Hummer

Only 301 copies were made

Between 1986 and 1992 he was joining in the factory this powerful Lamborghini LM002. We are right to say to assemble, because although most of the pieces were manufactured by Lamborghini in Italy, its particular glass fiber body was produced in the workshops of Irizar in the Basque Country . During all this time they came to make a total of 301 pieces, mostly driven by a 5.2 V12 engine atmospheric craft that came directly from a legend like the Lamborghini Countach . However, some parts had to be redesigned to meet the requirements of this SUV.

Lamborghini LM002 Review, The Italian HummerThis Lamborghini LM002 is for sale on eBay for $ 449,888. Only 301 copies and fiberglass body made her Irizar in the Basque Country were manufactured. It has only 19,269 kilometers and has undergone a restoration of five years and $ 325,000.

This specimen was manufactured in 1990 and was sent directly to the United States.  Throughout its 16 – year history, the Lamborghini LM002 has only traveled 11,972 miles, or what is the same, 19,267 kilometers . Although very few kilometers, was recently restored to the last screw, however its owner submits a restoration of $ 325,000, which helps ajustificar a selling price of $ 449,888, it is what you ask for this Lamborghini LM002 on eBay . Definitely a high price for units in good condition have been auctioned for 150,000 euros.


Lamborghini LM002 Review, Price, Interior, Specs

Now this complete restoration has taken them five years, among which has chosen to give this shiny black appearance on the outside. The tires also acquire the striking tone and how could it be otherwise, they are fit with Pirelli Scorpion tires, rubber bands that once were manufactured exclusively for this SUV . The invoice of $ 325,000 for its restoration an overhaul of its mechanics, which is installed butts a also includes Lamborghini Diablo , plus other improvements that insurance help increase its initial output of 450 hp. Now, certainly not serve to quench their thirst, thanks to a tank with 290 liters capacity subsides.

Lamborghini LM002 Review, The Italian HummerDespite measuring 4.79 meters long, the first SUV signing Sant\’Agata Bolognese has an interior designed for four occupants. This copy is upholstered in black leather and is in a state of collection. Contrasting wood trim with red belts.

The interior has also been returned to its roots with a fully trimmed interior in black leather and where attention -grabbing wood trim and seat belts red that put the sporty touch, something that can not miss in a vehicle produced in Sant’Agata Bolognese. the owner also included in the price the rear trunk, box original tools, books owner and maintenance …

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