Honda Civic 5p 2017 Specs and Details

Honda Civic 5p 2017 Specs and Details

With the Civic 5p 2017, Honda replaces the model of the same name that put on sale in late 2011 and updated in 2014 and 2015. There is also a sports version called Type R and another with a four-door body.

It is on sale in a range of prices that goes from the 20 440 euros of the version 1.0 Turbo VTEC Comfort until the 29 300 € of the version 1.5 Turbo VTEC Prestige CVT. The most affordable version of the Civic is in an intermediate position with respect to its alternatives.

It measures 4.52 meters in length (15 cm longer than the previous model), 1.80 in width and 1.43 in height. Therefore, it is slightly larger than the Mazda3 5p (4.47 meters) and slightly smaller than the Toyota Prius (4.54 meters). The Volkswagen Golf or Ford Focus are much shorter (4.26 and 4.36 meters respectively)

Honda Civic 5p 2017 Specs and Details

The Civic has liked us in general. In particular, what has satisfied us most are its dynamic qualities: it is agile and precise in all kinds of ways. Its agility is due, at least in part, to that it has a very fast steering (you have to turn the wheel slightly so that the wheels do much) and also to that your suspension is firm, not uncomfortable (unless you choose the Harder mode of the variable suspension, if it is installed). The good sensations of driving that have left this Civic on the road have been corroborated in the exercises of dodge and slalom in circuit.

Honda has got a car with a certain sports touch, but that does not limit its practicality to use daily. For convenience it is in an intermediate place; A Volkswagen Golf is possibly quieter and more comfortable suspension; A Mazda3 has a less refined roll.

The 1.0 liter engine has also been very enjoyable because it gives good performance, it is easy to take advantage of (it allows to move with agility even in long marches) and it spends little (it has been one of the vehicles that have consumed less in our reference route ). It can be a very good purchase for anyone who wants a very good balance between performance and consumption. The 1.5-liter engine and 182 horsepower we have not tried with such depth, but also left us very good impression during the presentation.

The gearbox can be either six-way manual or an automatic. The first one works very well because its travels are short and its touch is very good; The second, we have not tried a little time, does not maintain direct relationship between engine speed and acceleration experienced when the continuously variable  (CVT). At the end of 2017, Honda will add to the range the 1.6 liter diesel and 120 hp used by the previous model, but with improvements to make it lighter and more efficient.

The interior has changed a lot about it. According to our measurements , there is more room for passengers, although not as much as you would expect given the increase in body size. It excels by the width at the height of the shoulders in the two rows of seats (that is superior to the one of all its rivals) whereas the height in the later places is the less favorable quota.
The seats of this Civic are situated closer to the ground than usual. That makes the driver can have the feeling of sitting in a coupe vehicle. Some people prefer to go higher; But who likes to go low, this Civic is ideal.

The luggage compartment, with 478 liters of capacity, counts the main gap and the double bottom (the versions with Sport equipment remain in 420 liters, since they do not have double bottom), is also among the most spacious, although it does not have some forms Too regular.

The appearance of the dashboard is completely different from the previous model and is made with materials of simple appearance, although adjusted with much precision.

There are three levels of equipment for the Civic with the 1.0 engine of 129 hp – Comfort, Elegance and Executive – and three other levels for the Civic with the 1.5 hp 182-Sport engine, Sport Plus and Prestige. All of them are part of the standard equipment, including automatic climate control, Bluetooth connection for mobile phone, alloy wheels, anti-theft alarm or electric parking brake.

Honda Civic 5p 2017 Specs and Details

In addition, Honda also comes standard with the SENSING system, which includes a series of safety devices whose mission is to control the outside of the vehicle, warn the driver in case of danger and even intervene to avoid dangerous situations. These are the system pre-collision protection, the warning system frontal collision, the system alert involuntary change lanes , the detector objects in the blind spot , the programmer speed active or help system stay on the road.

In the  insurance buyer of  we have calculated the price of a full risk policy for a Honda Civic 5p 1.0 Turbo 129 CV. The borrower is a 50-year-old woman who lives in Orense, travels up to 20,000 kilometers a year, keeps the car in a collective garage and has only 2 years as the owner of a car policy in her name. With these characteristics, the lowest price is offered by  Direct Seguros  for 335 euros.

The platform on which the Civic 2017 is made is new and, as is usual with each new model, is more rigid (52% more according to Honda data) and lighter (16 kg) than the previous model. The rear suspension is different (it is a multi-arm type instead of a pulled wheel). Another change in this platform is that the fuel tank is no longer located under the front row of seats (as in the last two generations), but under the rear seats. The appearance of the Civic 2017 resembles that of its prototype.

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