Fiat Unveils Two concepts 500X for SEMA

The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group is present at the SEMA Show and the Italian brand took the opportunity to present two projects based on 500X: Chicane and the Mobe. The first is a 500X bodybuilder to flashy color and the second is more focused on sports.
Fiat unveils two concepts 500X for show SEMA
The SEMA Show has opened its doors and the world of tuning and US preparation is boiling in Las Vegas. The major North American independent tuners are present on site but also builders. The Italian-American group FCA has a whole bunch of cars for the event, including two Fiat 500X prepared aesthetically for the occasion.
Fiat unveils two concepts 500X for show SEMA
The first 500X, called Chicane, wears a blue tint well “flash” and a fairly large body kit around 20-inch wheels.The nice 500X we know is for once transcended with an aggressive enough result. Under the hood, the Italian retrieves the four-cylinder 2.4 petrol proposed in the US (not commercially available engine in Europe).


The second 500X, the “Mobe ‘, the typical look of the West Coast of the United States. He paid tribute to the sport with accessories that are not only dedicated to the concept since they will be offered by Mopar custom home. This concept is also entitled to 2.4 four-cylinder petrol engine that is present on the Chicane.


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