Fiat Toro is spotted next to old Chevrolet S10

Fiat Toro should be launched until March the national market, but before that, circulates freely through the streets and roads of the Northeast. A copy was seen at a gas station and, coincidentally, was shot next to a Chevrolet S-10 of the previous generation.

So far, despite the official statement of 4.91 meters, the Fiat Toro also raises doubts as to its actual size on the small pickup trucks. In these images, we can make a comparison with the former S10, however, is less than the current.

Even so, it gives notice that the size of the Fiat Toro is higher than the old S10 and close to the current model of Chevrolet. The floor under the truck FCA is tilted, but it\’s still possible to see the difference in size. The highest bucket also draws attention compared with the pickup of GM.

Double cabin, Fiat Toro will hit the market with versions 1.8 Flex to 138 hp and 170 hp 2.0 diesel. Manual or automatic six-speed transmission should be part of the Flex option but diesel can have both with manual six-speed automatic as nine gears. The 4 × 4 will only draw in diesel.

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