How to become a driving instructor

How to become a driving instructor

If you are considering teach driving officially, here we tell you How to become a driving instructor . A profession with a future, according to the school San Andrés (specialist training), “for job security and salary.” Moreover, it is a good choice if you have to reinvent the driving license and vocation of teaching.

How to become a driving instructor

To teach driving you will officially get specific teaching certificate, the only thing that gives option to give theoretical and practical classes. The title is awarded by the DGT, Traffic Trafikoa body operating in the Basque Country – or the Catalan Traffic Service.There is a national call, leaving every January. Anyone in possession of ESO or equivalent and with a length of class B driving license at least two years, may be submitted to the tests.

To be absolutely clear to you how to be a driving instructor , you have the options you have to get the title. If you decide to stand on your own, the price to be paid to the DGT is 44 euros in fees for examination. If you are looking for help in preparing and decide to sign up an academy for the certificate courses are around 4000 euros (2000 euros phase 1 and 2) 2000 Phase 3.

The 3 phases to be driving instructor:

Preliminary phase : This is kind of similar to obtaining a driving license test. A questionnaire of 30 questions on road safety, rules and signs, to be performed in half an hour, and a practical test in open traffic lanes, if you had passed the theory. Once you overcome both would pass to phase 2 trials.

Phase mail : This is to overcome two assessments (seven subjects per evaluation).The topics are varied, “Psychology applied to driving,” “Road Safety”, etc.

Stage Presence : Contact classes must-attend, along 10 weeks. The course will be awarded through public tender DGT. Courses 2013, 2014 and 2015 has given the National Confederation of Driving. The stage is a practical application of the previous phases. We are taught to give oral and practical lessons from the dual drive. The course, continuous assessment, complete with obtaining the certificate by the student.

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