The BMW X2 surprised with a very little camouflage

The BMW X2 Caught Without Camouflage

The BMW X2 was photographed with a very light camouflage. It will be unveiled in a few weeks and marketed in early 2018.

Over the next twelve months, SUVs will represent half of the new BMW products , with the X3 / X4 duo being renewed , and the arrival of two new models, the X2 and X7.

The BMW X2 surprised with a very little camouflage

For the X2, the official revelation is very close, the brand having already published several teaserswhere one sees vehicles covered with a colorful camouflage. But the car has just been surprised naked, or almost because there are just a few scotches on the back. Thanks to these images seen on the site of AutoExpress , the exterior style has no more secrets!

We had a taste of the BMW X2 in September 2016 with the presentation of a show-car … and as often, the passage to the series reserves its share of bad surprises (we are already afraid with the next Z4, whose concept we liked it very much). Industrialization has caused the X2 to lose a good part of its dynamism, especially with thicker optics, especially in the rear. Let\’s not get too angry with the model anyway, because we must recognize that we are in the presence of a vehicle with small wheels, without chromium … and with the amazing color.

The BMW X2 surprised with a very little camouflage

There are some original features seen on the prototype, such as the reverse bean grille or the BMW logo on the custos. Contrary to what the name suggests, the BMW X2 seems to have a more compact size than the X1 . This would position him as a competitor to the Mercedes GLA , which holds him more of the A-Class than the real SUV.

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