BMW i3 becomes 100% electric in Europe

BMW i3 becomes 100% electric in Europe

BMW ends the option to increase the battery of BMW i3 with a small engine. It becomes 100% electric.

A few days before the Paris Motor Show, BMW has formalized its desire to offer a boost to its i3 so that it gains a few kilometers of autonomy . According to the WLTP cycle, the theoretical increase will be around fifty kilometers. Not enough to jump to the ceiling.

Joined by Numerama, a BMW salesman had not been able to tell us if it meant the end of the REX option already allowing to enjoy a few extra kilometers thanks to a small engine (which works like a generator). We now know the answer to the question: on October 4, 2018, in the columns of Autocar , the German manufacturer has officialized the stop versions with this extension of autonomy.

BMW i3 becomes 100% electric in Europe


At our colleagues, BMW has justified its choice as follows: ”  The i3 with range extender will no longer be produced and we will sell only 100% electric versions in the future. With the gains in autonomy in pure electricity and the increase in the number of charging stations, we believe that our customers will naturally migrate to 100% electric models . ”  This decision will not be enforced in the United States and Japan, where demand is stronger than elsewhere. 

By the way, BMW will take the opportunity to reduce its range i3 with only two entries: the classic (170 horses) and the declination more sporty (184 horses). This will simplify the catalog a little more when presenting it to future buyers. After all, what’s the point of buying an electric car if it’s going to go through a gas pump.

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