BMW 5 Series Touring. Family Technology

BMW 5 Series Touring. Family Technology

In 1991 the first Series 5 Touring appears, and since then they have sold about one million units of this ‘familiar’ , that in the Spanish market supposes 30 percent of the registrations of the Series 5.

This fifth generation inherits the technological arsenal premiered by the saloon, ranging from a chassis made of aluminum – save up to 100 kilos – to the latest in driving assistants, capable of turning it into a virtually autonomous vehicle.

BMW 5 Series Touring. Family Technology

BMW 5-Series Touring measures 4.94 meters in length, and its designers have been careful to convey the dynamism of the saloon to the new Touring, which provides more functionality. To begin with, it opens an electric gate – optionally it can be ‘hands-free’ – that facilitates the operations of loading and unloading. It is made of aluminum, weighs 4.5 kilos less than before and maintains a detail as practical as the rear window practicable, a solution forgotten in its rivals. Behind the backrests, divisible into three sections 40:20:40, we find a trunk with 570 liters capacity -530 in the saloon-type body – but that can reach 1,700 liters. BMW sharpens the ingenuity and offers an electric cover rail that can be stored in its double bottom – like the dividing net – when we remove it.

BMW 5 Series Touring. Family Technology

It gains 7 millimeters of distance between axles , but its rear seats offer a fair space for the legs, although in the width fit three child seats with Isofix anchors.

In front of the saloon, it takes some time to get used to their infotainment systems, a whole world at BMW for its sophistication, variety and lots of options . As for ergonomics or quality, nothing to reproach.

BMW 5-Series Touring : Five engines with TwinPower Turbo technology

It is already available with four mechanics, all with TwinPower Turbo technology . We were able to drive the diesel, starting with the 520d, which in our case was associated with the 8-speed Steptronic, option costing 2,560 euros. It surprises its softness and thrust, offering more than enough features to move with great ease, even with the whole family on board. In addition, it is somewhat quieter thanks to the new soundproofing materials. A lthough announces 4.3 l / 100 km average expenditure, the computer scored 7.1 l / 100 km, as we covered many kilometers by the famous ‘autobahn’, handily surpassing 220 km / h.

Thanks to its lightness, its new chassis – all have pneumatic rear suspension – and a sensational set-up, its dynamic behavior has nothing to envy to that of the saloon. What’s more, thanks to its selector of modes we can enjoy a devourer of kilometers or of a sport with which to amuse us in the most turned roads.

BMW 5 Series Touring. Family Technology

But if you can pay the 12,300 euros that separate you from the 530d, do not hesitate. Because it generates 265 HP of power and offers magnificent benefits, combined with a very adjusted consumption. This version really runs, especially the unit tested, which added the Sport line, with sportier suspensions, as well as details that aesthetically approach the M. As an option xDrive total drive is offered , but the more ‘adventurers’ can leave Forgetting a Series 5 that rivals the Allroad, All-Terrain or Cross Country of the competition.

This sportsman disguised as a family announces 4.7 l / 100 km, but in practice will be close to 7.0 l / 100 km, nothing that is not acceptable. And in gasoline we must ‘conform’ for now with the 530i and 540i, which already boast of benefits; But if we still want more, as soon as the summer passes the M550i xDrive will arrive with 462 hp, and the M550d xDrive, with a sophisticated diesel engine of four turbos and 400 hp.

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