BMW 5 Series Touring 2017 Specs and Details

The BMW 5 Series Touring is the family car variant of the  5 Series saloon . It is 7 mm longer than this – it measures 4943 mm instead of 4936 -, it has rear seats with more headroom and a larger luggage compartment. It is on sale for 52.400 euros . Equal engine is between 2800 and 4200 euros more expensive than the saloon.

It is available with two diesel engines -520d of 190 hp and 530d of 265 hp- and two of petrol -530i of 252 hp and 540i xDrive of 340 hp. The 520d has a manual gearbox of six speeds and in option an automatic converter of pair and eight relations, that is the one that comes of series in the other versions. The traction is on the rear wheels except for the 540i xDrive which is at four (this type of traction is also available as an option on the 530d). By the end of 2017 there will be two more versions, one of gasoline (M550i xDrive of 462 CV) and another Diesel (M550d xDrive of 400 CV).

Its main alternatives are the  Audi A6 Avant , the  Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate  and the  Volvo V90 . The price of a BMW 530d xDrive Touring is 66 500 euros, making it more expensive than an A6 Avant 3.0 TDI of 272 hp and a V90 D5 of 235 hp, all of them with all-wheel drive. The E 350 d Estate Class of 258 hp and rear-wheel drive (this version is not available with all-wheel drive) has a similar price.

 The petrol version 530i Touring costs 60 300 euros, a price that again is higher than that of the A6 Avant and the V90 equivalents and, in this case, also that of the Class E 250 Estate, although the Mercedes-Benz is 41 Less powerful CV. Of all of them, the BMW is the one with the lowest approved average consumption, 5.8 l / 100 km.

The volume of the trunk is 570 liters, 10 more than that of the 5 Series Touring 2013, the model it replaces. Of the above-mentioned alternatives, the E-Class Estate is the one with the largest luggage compartment (640 liters). The space destined to the passengers is good and it is placed in a mean between its rivals.

I have driven the Diesel versions 520d and 530d. As with the 5 Series saloon, the most powerful engine has a more pleasant operation because it is quieter, vibrates less and gives a significantly greater boost . Nevertheless, the engine of 190 hp does not seem to me at all inadvisable, because although its operation is less refined, the noise and vibrations that it generates arrive well filtered to the habitat and are not annoying. In addition, this engine gives an acceleration that I think is more than enough in almost any circumstance.

With a BMW 520d saloon we measured an acceleration of 80 to 120 km / h of 6.2 seconds and we obtained a consumption of fuel of 6.2 l / 100 km in our reference route. The 520d Touring is 115 kilograms heavier than the 520d saloon.

The series suspension is pneumatic on the rear axle and has a system that always maintains the height of the rear of the body (the 5-Series saloon can not have a pneumatic suspension) depending on the load. The Series 5 Touring I drove on roads near Munich (Germany) and the impression that has left me is to be a very comfortable vehicle, as is the saloon. Optionally you can install electronically controlled variable hardness shock absorbers, an active stabilizer bar system (Adaptive Drive) and an M sports suspension that leaves the body 10 millimeters closer to the ground.

The 5 Series Touring is comfortable not only for the suspension, but also because it has a well-insulated exterior noise and comfort and safety systems (such as air conditioner, audio system quality and BMW adaptive led headlamps Selective Beam) that work very well. On the operation of several of the series and optional elements available for the 5 Series Touring.

The aero coefficient (Cx) of the Series 5 Touring is 0,27 in the best case, that is the version 520d Touring with automatic change. That same version in the 5 Series saloon has a Cx of 0.24. The 540i xDrive is the version with the worst aerodynamic coefficient: 0.29.

To assure to all risks a Series 5 520d Touring has a cost of 1184 Euros to the year with the company Nuez. This policy does not include travel assistance and has a relationship between quality and price of 6.54 points out of 10 possible. Mutua Madrileña offers a policy with assistance in travel and with a better relation between caldiad and price (6,97 points) for a practically identical price: 1186 € / year.

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