BMW 5 Series 2017

The BMW 5 Series 2017 is a four-door tourism that measures 4.94 meters in length. There is also a familiar version called Series 5 Touring that we dealt with separately in this article . This is the seventh generation of the 5 Series, which BMW calls the G30 generation. It replaces the F10 generation, which BMW put on sale in 2010 (2010 Series 5 information) and updated in 2013 ( Series 5 information 2013 ).

Since April 2017, the plug-in hybrid version 530e iPerformance is available. It has a gasoline engine and an electric motor, 252 hp of maximum power and an autonomy in electric mode of 50 km. It costs 60 500 euros, so it is 4100 € more expensive than a 530i and 1400 € more affordable than a 530d ( comparative tab ). The Mercedes-Benz E 350 e Sedan costs more money, has a more powerful hybrid system and less autonomy in electric mode ( comparative tab ).

The cheapest version as of April 2017 is the 520d. It has a 190 hp diesel engine and a six-speed manual transmission. It costs 49 400 euros, so it is about 4000 euros more expensive than an  Audi A6  and a  Jaguar XF  and slightly less than a  Volvo S90  ( comparative tab ). The Mercedes-Benz E Class 220 d of 194 hp comes standard with an automatic transmission and costs 51 101 euros, about 800 euros less than a 520d with the option of automatic change ( comparative tab ). In this link  are prices, data sheets and equipment of the entire BMW 5 Series series 2017.

We tested the two Diesel versions available at the moment: 520d (190 hp) and 530d (265 hp). The first has a four-cylinder engine whose vibrations and noise arrive well filtered into the cabin, although not as much as in the 530d, which has a six cylinder engine that runs more smoothly and quietly. The 520d version manages to accelerate with a speed similar to that of a Class E 220 d (194 hp), although the consumption of fuel is higher. The 530d is noticeably faster, although it is likely that there are few situations in which that extra acceleration capability is a relevant advantage. More information on driving impressions .

The gasoline range also consists of two versions: 530i of 252 hp and 540i of 340 hp. All series 5 have an automatic gearshift of eight ratios, except the 520d, in which it is an option (standard is six manual). This automatic change is of torque converter type   and has a very good performance because it goes from one gear to another very smoothly and quickly. In all cases the traction is in the rear wheels and in option in the four (xDrive system).

Throughout March 2017, BMW plans to expand the range with a low-consumption version -520d EfficientDynamicsEdition with 190 hp, another gasoline -M550i xDrive with 462 hp- and a hybrid plug-in -530e iPerformance with 252 hp. The average consumption of the 520 EfficientDynamicsEdition version is 3.9 l / 100 km (the BMW 520d with automatic transmission is 4.1 l / 100 km), as well as the Mercedes-Benz E 220 d of 194 hp and the Jaguar XF 2.0 Diesel with 163 hp.

The gasoline engines are  direct injection , have overcharging by a  double-entry turbocharger  and a variable distribution system in phase and raised. The Diesel have direct injection at 2500 bar and a  turbocharger with variable position blades .

BMW 5 Series 2017
BMW 5 Series 2017 interior

The Series 5 can not optionally have a pneumatic suspension, an element that is available on the Audi A6 and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It may instead have active stabilizer bars (varying its resistance to Torsion by an electric motor) and a four-wheel steering (which is now compatible with the all-wheel drive system in the previous generation was not).

The units we tested had none of the last two items mentioned in the previous paragraph, but the optional EDC suspension, which has electronically controlled variable hardness dampers. This suspension is very well adjusted because it provides great comfort when passing over the potholes and, at the same time, a great sensation of agility and precision in curve. This balance seems more successful than in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Jaguar XF ( driving impressions ).

The aerodynamic coefficient is, at best, only 0.22 (version 520d EfficientDynamics). For all other versions the minimum is 0.24 (for the 520d, 530d and 530i). BMW does not use carbon fiber in the structure of the Series 5, as it does in the  Series 7 2015 , but it profusely aluminum in the body, the chassis and the suspension. On these and other aspects of technical character there is more information in the section  Technical information .

The 5 Series cabin is made of high quality materials and, according to our measurements , has a normal range compared to its alternatives. The differences in size in the different dimensions are small and the space available in the second row is good to comfortably accommodate adults of about 1.85 meters. The capacity of the trunk is 530 liters, so, again, it is on average in relation to the competition. For example, the boot of the Volvo S90 is smaller (500 liters), while the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is larger (540 liters). More information on interior prints .

In the equipment there are striking elements, such as drivers assisting the driver to temporarily disengage (under certain circumstances) from the controls during a traffic jam, free him from turning the wheel to change lanes on a highway and allow parking Car in a narrow place from the outside, using the remote control. Of these elements and many others we give more explanations in the section  Equipment .

There are 21 colors available for the body. The tire catalog is composed of 17 different designs, with a diameter ranging from 17 to 20 inches.

With the  insurance comparator  we have sought the all-risk insurance with no franchise cheaper for a married man of 34 years who acquires a new BMW 520d Aut, which travels 25 000 km a year, has a parking space And lives in Madrid. The result is that Allianz is the company that offers the most affordable policy (€ 1745 / year) and is also the one that gives the best quality / price ratio (8.56 out of 10).

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