Bentley and the future of luxury cars

Bentley and the future of luxury cars

The British manufacturer is considering the future of luxury cars as a clever mix of technology and craftsmanship.

In a speech in Detroit, Bentley\’s CEO, Wolfgang Dürheimer, announced his expectations, explaining how he expects the needs of the car buyer to evolve over the next decade.

Mr Dürheimer noted that the luxury car market will soon welcome a new generation of customers with different aspirations, the famous millenials. Other changes include the arrival of a new middle class in the emerging and Generation C markets, referring to hyperconnected people, regardless of their age.

Bentley and the future of luxury cars

“Our research indicates that they will require, for example, instant and barrier-free access to technology, information and ease of use; They will also have a very different attitude towards possession and will live in an increasingly urbanized world with all the challenges for mobility that this presents, “said Dürheimer. “At Bentley, we want to embrace these changes and want to play a leading role in defining the future of luxury mobility.”

Rather than focusing solely on technology, Bentley believes that the future car buyer will value both innovation and tradition, appreciating craftsmanship, heritage and design as well as a certain humanity.

“Our belief is that technology alone is not enough,” Dürheimer said. “Isolated technology is cold and can never be truly luxurious. We must never lose human contact, “he added.

Taking into account these future values, Bentley is considering the creation of a global club that would allow members to access a “mobility solution” in key cities. Members of the club would thus own more than one car. That said, Wolfgang Dürheimer said in 2014 that an owner owned an average of eight cars in his garage. Perhaps the manufacturer should think about starting a city such as Aston Martin did with some Cygnet .

In terms of product, the CEO of Bentley was more vague, but still gave the example of the integration of OLED screens on wood veneers. In theory, these would be imperceptible when not in use, but would allow passengers to control air conditioning or audio.

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