Audi S5 Cabrio Spy Shots & Specs

2018 Audi S5 Cabrio Spy Shots & Specs

The sportiest range Audi A5, the S5 family continues to grow. And the same thing a few months ago we showed the A5 Sportback and A5 Cabrio , whose arrival at dealerships could be in early 2017, now we have been able to discover the Audi S5 Cabrio, the most powerful and sportiest model in the range. With respect the A5 Cabrio, the main difference that we see in the model camouflaged is on the grill, of ‘honeycomb’ and in the rear, where the two tailpipes A5 Cabrio become 4 in the S5 Cabrio.

Audi S5 Cabrio Spy Shots & Specs

At the Nurburgring and wheel it is convertible, made ​​on the basis of the new platform MLB Evo, which uses steels of high and ultra high strength, in addition to aluminum and composite materials. The aim is to reduce weight, maintain or increase stiffness structural and further improve the efficiency and performance thanks to the reduced weight of the car. which could be around 100 kilos. The first Audi model to use this platform has been the Q7 .

And soft top 354 horses?

The Audi S5 Cabrio chooses, as is standard in the convertibles of the German mark, the soft top, just the only part of the car that has not camouflage. A hood, which, as in the previous generation may be deployed in place below 50 kilometers per hour.

Audi S5 Cabrio Spy Shots & SpecsThe four tailpipes show that we are not facing a normal A5.

As for the engine of the future S5 Cabrio, it could be the same as that seems to use the S5 Sportback, a 3.0 – V6 TFSI whose power would grow from 333 today horses to the 354, guaranteeing a performance high. The change will be a Tiptronic box 8 speed and traction, of course, quattro.

If all this seems little, possibly later RS5 Cabrio comes to put the icing on the German sports model. We already talked about a -V6 or V8- engine that would be around 500 horsepower. For now, this seems sufficient S5.

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