Alfa Romeo Giulia versus Mercedes Class C, Italian revival against German classicism!

Alfa Romeo Giulia versus Mercedes Class C, the Italian revival against German classicism. Expected as the messiah by Tifosi of the Milan brand, Giulia intends to capitalize on its devastating look and dynamic performance of the highest caliber to compete for the best selling segment, the Mercedes C-Class A match synonymous torch passage?

One thing is certain, since its commercialization at the end of last summer, the Alfa Romeo Giulia seduced . From Germany to England through France – the largest European markets – she has won several awards, charming the jurors with her superb Latin curves and the pleasure of driving that she distills.

Beautiful to look at and good to drive , the Milan sedan, however, addresses a segment where the Germans leave no crumb. Not an easy task, therefore, especially against the Mercedes C-Class, the queen of category sales . Released in 2014, the German is serenely moving towards a mid-career restylage while still seducing many motorists.

Between the two, the match promises to be tight. Except in the area of tariffs where Alfa is more affordable and better equipped . Giulia 2.2 JTD 180 bhp AT8 finish Lusso is thus charged € 46,090 € 48,150 against the Mercedes 7G-Tronic More C220d Sportline .

With options, the Alfa is slightly more expensive (53,660 against € 53,100) but take more equipment such as depreciation or controlled rear differential. However, the Italian is conspicuous by the absence of certain technologies from its catalog and now common in this segment as tri-zone air conditioning, the HUD or the parking aid.

To attract a premium customer, it is essential to provide a good quality of interior . On this point, our two sedans blow hot and cold.

Alfa Romeo has chosen a very simple presentation with few buttons , the only originality residing in the dashboard shaped wave. A clean side that obviously benefits ergonomics, especially since the information-entertainment system is easy to use. Not to mention the small sporting buttons with fixed vanes and the start button on the steering wheel , just like Ferrari!

More original, the dashboard of the C-Class is distinguished by its diving center console and remote screen way touch pad . However, it is much more loaded with lots of buttons and some redundancy commands . What, for example, is the utility of having a wheel and a tactile pad that can handle the same functions? We are still looking for the answer!

In terms of finishing and assembly, the models are quite close. Good quality materials such as wood in the Alfa or aluminum in the Mercedes alongside less flattering plastic . Where the Giulia fishing with play on certain controls (knob and volume knob), the C-Class responds with cracking furniture.

Another tie, that of boot space: 480 liters on both sedans . But the C-Class is more practical with a higher loading threshold and a better cut trunk.

Giulia catches up with a stronger argument again, better rear habitability . Whether on the legs or the head, the Alfa is more spacious than its German opponent. On the other hand, in either case, the middle passenger will be disturbed by a prominent central tunnel.

To drive

Although being more truly in the odor of holiness, diesel engines continue to sell more than their gasoline counterparts. Especially on road sedans like the Alfa Romeo Giulia and the Mercedes C-Class

Likewise displacement – 2.143 cm 3 – the 4-cylinder of our two competitors do not develop the same power, the advantage of up to 180 horsepower JTD the Giulia (450 Nm of torque at 1750 rev / min) against the 170 foals C220d (400 Nm at 1,300 rev / min) . However, they are both noisy astonishment when asked, special mention for the oil of the Italian sound more vibrant than its counterpart. Defects not really premium!

Once launched, the two sedans show different characters. Giulia assumes completely his Latin side warm blood with more vigorous thrusts permitted by its greater torque and best box settings. But also by its dynamic behavior achieved with a low weight (1570 kg against 1445), a surgical nose gear and ultra-direct steering . Little more, our trial version available for a limited slip differential for the rear wheels never to lose traction, and therefore more effective.

Mercedes is clearly softer in orders as well as depreciation , a choice fully in line with the most homogeneous philosophy of German. After all, the model at the Etoile is aimed at an older public and therefore less willing to play it pilot.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.2 JTD 180 bhp AT8 Super Mercedes C220d 170 hp 2.2 7G-Tronic More Sportline
Displacement 4-cylinder turbo diesel – 2.143 cm 3 4-cylinder turbo diesel – 2.143 cm 3
Power 180 hp at 3,750 rpm 170 hp at 3,000 rpm
Couple 450 Nm to 1,750 rpm 400 Nm of 1,300 rpm
Max speed 230 km / h 233 km / h
0 to 100 km / h 7.1 s 7.3 s
Unloaded weight 1.445 kg 1.570 kg
L x W x H 4,643 m / 1,860 m / 1,436 m 4,686 m / 1,810 m / 1,442 m
Wheelbase 2.82 m 2.84 m
Chest 480 l 480 l
Mixed Conso 4.2 l / 100 km 4.5 l / 100 km
CO2 emissions 109 g / km 117g / km
EcoBonus Neither bonus nor malus Neither bonus nor malus
Rates from 30.900 euros 31,000 euros
Price of models tested About 53,660 euros 53,100 euros

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