2021 Toyota Yaris Cross Features, Specs and Price

Looking for information on Toyota Yaris Cross specs and price ? We made a review of the Yaris Cross , the brand’s newest model and its remarkable model with its very impressive design . Toyota Yaris Cross technical specifications and more here …

Toyota Yaris Cross Specifications

What does the Toyota Yaris Cross look like? How much does the 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross burn and what are the Yaris Cross specifications? We researched for those looking for information about the Toyota Yaris Cross 2021 model 

Yaris Cross, the new SUV model of the Toyota brand in the small class, is a very impressive car. Yaris Cross appears as a special SUV model with its design and fuel consumption. With its hybrid feature, which also has a 4X4 option, the model, winking at economical fuel consumption, seems to have a special audience such as Toyota RAV4 and C-HR.

Yaris Cross, for which the Toyota brand has made a magnificent organization plan to exhibit at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, was introduced only online due to the covid-19 outbreak. We could not see him at the Geneva Motor Show, which was canceled due to the Corona Virus, but we had the opportunity to discover all the details with the digital organization in question.

This car, called small class SUV, was developed on the GA-B platform. Designed at the brand’s Japan and European studios, the Toyota Yaris Cross will be produced in France.

The Toyota Yaris Cross also has fairly similar features to the new Toyota Yaris. It offers a pioneering design language with bulging fenders, horizontally designed taillights, differently designed tailgate and distinctive ironing marks.

Toyota Yaris Cross Dimensions:

  • Wheelbase: 2,56mm
  • Length: 4.18mm
  • Width: 1.76mm
  • Height: 1.56mm

Toyota Yaris Cross Engine Features How?

The 4th neil hybrid engine, which fits it perfectly, operates with an 80HP 3-cylinder 1.5-liter gasoline engine. It can charge itself for system power.

This engine combination, which is 40% more efficient than the diesel engine, produces a total of 116 HP.

When we look at the emission values ​​of the Toyota Yaris Cross engine, the C02 emission average of 90g / km is measured.

Toyota Yaris Cross AWD-i is designed as front-wheel drive in normal driving. The 4-wheel drive system detects that the vehicle’s grip is reduced and immediately transmits power to the rear wheels.

When we look at the equipment features of Toyota Yaris Cross, Toyota Safety Sense active safety systems and advanced driver assistants stand out.

When Toyota Yaris Cross in Turkey?

Its design and features were introduced digitally in 2020 and would have been produced this year if the Covid-19 barrier was not stuck. However, when the effects of the epidemic diminish, its production in France seems to begin. In this case, go on sale on the European market at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 is expected to come to Turkey.

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