The Toyota Supra already shows its definitive optics

2019 Toyota Supra already shows its definitive optics

  • Our photographers have managed to hunt one of the latest and most advanced units of the Toyota Supra, already mounting the definitive front optics of the model.
  • These are closely related to the Toyota FT-1 concept, even in the distribution of interior elements.

The Toyota Supra already shows its definitive optics

The Toyota Supra continues its test program in Europe by BMW , which is currently the company that is in charge of the development of the frame and the set-up of the mechanics . Hence the prototypes seen so far not only sound like BMW models , but when we have looked inside only we have seen elements and parts from the German mark.

After many months of Supra sightings with virtually nothing new, although we have been able to analyze it from multiple perspectives and distances, this time our photographers have managed to capture one of the latest and most advanced units of the model , a sample that shows The same type of generic body, for the first time its definitive optics.

As for its forms, we can not tell you that we have not already shown you in the previous spy photos we have published of the model, since its body is heavily camouflaged . The visible panels are fake elements added to hide their forms, so we can not glimpse beyond the volumes that mark their silhouette. As for the new headlights, we discovered some optics that remind us of those used in the Toyota FT-1, the prototype that advanced the Supra production.

The Toyota Supra already shows its definitive optics

On the rear wheel we see a brake disc protector.

The optics are seen very torn, and although they are partly hidden by the vinyl, they remind us so much in its exterior forms as in its interior distribution to which the prototype of salon mounted. In the lower zone we do not find the molding with an angle shape when reaching the outer end, but the light elements are clearly divided into three LED groups , as in the concept.

After the rear wheel we can see a protector of the brake disc, an element that can also be found in the BMW catalog, where this piece probably proceeds.

The presentation of the new Supra continues to be a mystery, but we hope that before the end of the year a new concept will be presented in Japan , whose aim is precisely to advance the design of the future production version of the sport. So it would not be until at least 2018 that the brand would unveil the definitive sport.


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