2018 Opel Grandland X Specs and Details

2018 Opel Grandland X Specs and Details

The Opel Grandland X is a model with bodywork higher than that of a tourism and proportions similar to those of a Peugeot 3008 , model with which it shares, among other things, the platform. It will be available from autumn 2017. The alternatives to the Grandland X are, in addition to the 3008,  Ford Kuga ,  Hyundai Tucson ,  Kia Sportage ,  Nissan Qashqai ,  Renault Kadjar ,  SEAT Ateca  or  Subaru XV , among others Models.

It can be purchased from July 5 with 130 hp (1.2 liter supercharged) petrol engine or 120 hp diesel (1.6 liter displacement) and deliveries will begin in October 2017. The price € 25 100; Currently, the most affordable 3008 costs € 23,700. There will be no all-wheel drive versions and the automatic transmission can only be combined with the diesel engine.

The traction system can be improved with the optional Grip Control, a more advanced traction control than the standard, which is offered in conjunction with M S type tires (they provide a little more grip on sliding surfaces than specific ones asphalt). Even with this system, the Grandland X is not the right car if the use that is going to give is off the asphalt in demanding conditions.

2018 Opel Grandland X Specs and Details

 This model can be equipped with the active speed programmer  (if it has automatic changeover) with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detection, a parking assistant, a top view of the car and its surroundings, automatic tailgate A foot movement, wireless recharge zone for telephones, led lights, a panoramic glass roof and the IntelliLink multimedia system (with 7 or 8 inch screens). In the more expensive versions, the sheet metal roof will be painted black.

The seats can be upholstered in leather and fabric or only leather. The latter have a ventilation system, in addition to being heated ( picture of the controls of the rear seats). For the steering wheel you can also request a function that heats.

The interior height is large enough for passengers up to two meters to fit in any of the rows. Behind, there is no ISOFIX in the central square and also a system that allows to adjust longitudinally the position of the stool. The trunk is very large; Has 515 liters of capacity, five less than the 3008 and the  Volkswagen Tiguan . The SEAT Ateca has 510 liters, the Kia Sportage 503, the Hyundai Tucson 488 and the Renault Kadjar 472.  It is divided into two parts by a board creating a small double bottom.

Currently, Opel does not have any model with an all-terrain type body with seven seats, something that will quite possibly solve with a model based on the Peugeot 5008 .

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