2018 Nissan X-Trail facelift review

2018 Nissan X-Trail facelift review

It is an important car for Nissan: it says the X-Trail is the world’s best-selling SUV with 766,000 sold worldwide in 2016, largely due to its rebuffed Nissan Rogue status in the US, Where he finds nearly a third of a million Houses per year.

It is also the company’s flagship crossing, crowning one of the most diverse SUV ranges, ranging from strange Juke to smooth Qashqai, convenient X-Trail to Navara Navara pickup.

2018 Nissan X-Trail facelift review

What’s new on the 2018 Nissan X-Trail facelift ?

This is a tricky and modest upgrade, it’s just to say. No one will recognize this as an X-Trail and the new wider grill, bumpers and spotlights provide only a little extra spice.

Read on for our 2018 model year Nissan X-Trail review.

The front headlamps now include the adaptive turning function on Tekna models of higher specification equipped with LED lights. This is the first time this technology has appeared on a Nissan car in Europe.

You will also discover the new model year 2018 Nissan X-Trail by rectangular, non-circular fog lights and the addition of four new colors, including rustic oranges, chestnuts and ruby ​​reds. Oh, and higher specification models get chrome details along the sides.

2018 Nissan X-Trail facelift review

What about the new interior Nissan X-Trail 2018?

According to the Qashqai facelift, the X-Trail cab has been slightly revised, but it’s hardly worth mentioning. There is the same “flat bottom” bottom wheel to facilitate and facilitate the display of the dials. It is also heated. Yes, these are the news of the title on the facelift 18.

So not much has changed, but it remains an incredibly convenient and targeted place to sit down. Approximately 40% of the British command the X-Trail as a seven-seater, and the two rear-seat pop-up seats provide useful accommodation for school or children or adults if they are willing to crush a little. The middle line slides forward and backward to make jargon with the front and rear space.

Nissan says that nearly two-thirds of customers have outdoor hobbies; Bikers and hikers will love the big boot of 565 liters, up to 15 thanks to new moldings of flat boots. And the function waggle-foot-to-open-tailgate is new for 2018 (damage, it takes seven seconds to open, we’d prefer to tinker).

All is finished in the quality of Nissan’s mass market; This is not a luxury cabin, but it is nicely screwed and feels built to last. The interior shown above is equivalent to the first Tekna finish in the UK, accounting for nearly half of all sales here.

Lego’s inexpensive plastics work together with some smarter, more gentle materials.

More interest is the new technology offered by the 2018 facelift. The rear seats can now be heated for the first time (but only as a bench, not individually), a new Bose stereo with eight speakers should encourage audiophiles And the usual host of electro-gizmos is now offered (emergency braking with radar control, rear alert to warn if you reverse traffic, and ProPILOT entering 2018 will bring a light autonomous autonomy in jams and highways).

How does the new Nissan X-Trail drive?

2018 Nissan X-Trail facelift review

Since X-Trail and Qashqai share the same engineering hardware called CMF1 since the Mk2 of 2014, they drive in a subtly different way. Nissan has provided more sound damping and measures to suppress noise, vibration and hardness (NVH) on the QQ than the X, and this shows.

The X-Trail rises with more rebound and jumps, especially on larger rims (up to 19 inches in diameter) and there is more engine noise from 1.6 dCi. By reflecting a small piece of moderate DNA, the X-Trail rides on M & S’s all-season tires, where the Qashqai is fitted with summer rubber.

Overall, the X-Trail made in Japan feels a bit more bulky than the Qashqai produced by Sunderland – and this should not be a surprise. Its wheelbase is 70 mm long, its body is bigger and the weight is heavier.

It is stronger, with more wind and road noise, reflects how Nissan added more sound power to the QQ circuit – with additional teflon details on the door seals, no less – but not here.

Choose from a range of diesels and a gasoline engine:

  • DCi 130 diesel Probably be best-selling; A sound full
  • DCi 177 diesel Punchy performance if you can afford it
  • DIG 163 petrol Pleasant balance; Can not match diesel CO2

All are front wheel drive, unless you specify AWD on diesel. The traction is strong with all the driving wheels and a slightly higher driving height means that you can negotiate rural tracks and grassy fields with safe safety.


The Nissan X-Trail lacks some extra refinement lavished on the model year 2018 Nissan Qashqai – and that shows. However, the X remains a sensible proposition if you need seven seats, a big boot and a hard and family cross.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport unfolds better and rival VW Tiguan breaks the quality problem, but the great Nissan is fighting for a nice honesty. It is an important, wise and practical transport for great blows.

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