2018 Nissan LEAF Spyphotos : Interior And Exterior Revealed

Despite Nissan’s promise to continually release new images and information about the next generation LEAF, which officially kicks off at a special event on Sept. 6 in Tokyo (or on September 5 for most of the rest of the world) , This has not really happened at the moment.

Since the 18th of May, all we have seen is an isolated gunfire on the front of the driver. Size!

Fortunately, our spy photographers do not care so much about Nissan who want to keep the “cat in the bag” and have taken some of the best new hits from the 2018 LEAF tests on the road today – both inside and outside!

2018 Nissan LEAF spotted in the wild with much less camouflage!

Fortunately, the old “trash bag” installed by Nissan on the last set of spyshots we discovered has been replaced in favor of a simple vinyl camouflage.

Also, we have the first look on the inside of one of these new Nissan LEAF test vehicles!

Adjustment and finishing seem to us rather “an intention of production” and demonstrate a refined version of the configuration found in the current generation.

2018 Nissan LEAF – complete with a refreshed interior!

Outside, we still do not know what to do with what appears to be a fake grid in front of the new loading port – definitely a change of style on today’s LEAF, but the headlights are definitely an upgrade .

The rear hatch was also toned to be more conventional; This could be the theme of the 2018 LEAF Judgment using these photos.

Overall, we agree with the direction that Nissan is clearly taking here to bring the new LEAF into the style fold of the rest of its range but the success of Nissan LEAF 2018 really comes down to 2 things: Battery / range and price.

The new generation of LEAF will start deliveries to the US in December / Europe in early 2018 and should have a starting RDP starting at $ 30,000 low when equipped with a basic / battery pack that is good For about 150 miles of range. A longer distance option (~ 60 kWh) is available in 2018, which pushes the available driving distance north of 200 miles.

source : http://insideevs.com/2018-nissan-leaf-spyshots-interior-exterior/

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