2018 Honda Accord Review

This perennially popular mid-size offer generates turbocharged engines, a stiffer structure, an advanced 10-speed automatic transmission and even a physical volume knob for the audio system. Talk about progress!

Band Measurement Questions

On a dimensional level, this 10th generation agreement remains essentially the same size as today’s version. Its wheelbase has been stretched a little over two inches, although it is more than a half inch lower. The width increased by 0.39 inches, while the overall length is less.

Despite these minor changes, the interior space has increased by a significant amount. Honda says the seat space for the rear seat legs has been increased by 1.9 inches, a blessing for the larger ones. In addition, the volume of passengers swells up to 10 cubic feet.

Similarly, the cargo intake of this car is larger, at about 17 cubic feet, probably the best in its class. Take that, Camry!

Oh yeah, sorry fans of elegant coupes affordable – this new generation agreement defines the end of the Accord Cup.

Magic metallurgy

Offering a stiffness up to 32 percent higher than that of the outgoing model, over 54 percent of the new Accord structure is made of high strength steel. This should improve refinement and safety, not that today’s car lacks in either of these areas. Yet depending on the variant, the total weight is down by up to 176 pounds, an impressive figure for a vehicle that is not that important.

Improving the advanced lines of sight, the hood height of the 2018 model has been reduced and its pillars A have been angry with their curve decreasing by 20 percent. Helping to improve efficiency is the most aerodynamic Honda Accord ever built.

Power to the People

Additional fuel consumption is a pair of turbocharged engines. Both have direct fuel injection and are suitable for advanced transmissions. The basic engine is a 1.5-liter unit that is rated at 192, both horsepower and lb-ft torque. For drivers who want more, you can also get a 2.0-liter engine. By sharing the components with the Civic Type R engine, it delivers a powerful 252 ponies and 273 torsion units. Honda achieves the best fuel economy and performance figures.

As for gearboxes, Honda is throwing a big bone to the enthusiasts of driving because a six-speed manual is available with either engine, as little useful as it probably is. For other motorists, the 1.5-liter unit can also be delivered with a CVT, while its biggest sibling is offered with a 10-speed automatic, the world’s first innovation for a front-wheel drive car.

For the ultra-economical automobile, a hybrid version of the Accord will also be proposed. Its drive is centered around a 2.0-cycle Atkinson engine that achieves a thermal efficiency of 40 percent, the best of any Honda engine manufactured in series. It is complemented by a pair of electric motors that have been developed in-house. It is interesting to note that they use magnets that do not contain heavy and rare metals.

Tech This Out!

Regarding the technology, all the Honda 2018 Accords feature Honda Sensing, the brand’s advanced line of driver assistance technologies. This includes gifts like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition and much more. The complete LED headlights are also available on the menu, as well as adaptive shock absorbers available.

Inside, there is a 12-way power adjustable driver seat, a brand new HMI with a seven-inch TFT screen in the instrument cluster and an eight-inch touch screen on the dashboard. Responding to our greatest annoyance, the physical buttons for volume and radio tuning are back.

Beyond that, the car offers a wireless device load, a 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection and even updates on the airline system. Naturally, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility are cooked straight for maximum convenience.

Things we can not tell you

The 2018 Honda Accord should be the best ever, offering more features, better fuel efficiency and better refinement than ever before. Six levels of finish will be available, from the LX base to the loaded Touring model.

As it has done over the past 35 years, the Agreements will continue to be seen together in Marysville, Ohio. To date, more than 11 million have been assembled in this facility in Buckeye State.

Usually, information on prices and fuel economy have not been made public, however, this all-new family sedan should be launched in the fall.

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