2017 Volvo V40, Maximum Swedish Technology

2017 Volvo V40, Maximum Swedish Technology

Volvo believes that the time has come to renew its compact par excellence V40, giving it features the most current design and multimedia art technologies that already incorporate their older siblings XC90 or S90 / V90.

In the MY’17 they stand outside the new grills that will carry the new Volvo emblem made ​​of iron and visually more striking. V40 update also includes new optics with daytime LED lighting as the “Hammer of Thor”, which gives the vehicle a new look and higher quality, shared with the new 90 series.

“The V40 is the second most popular worldwide best – selling Volvo model in Europe and so it is a very important vehicle for the company. With updates 2017 Volvo V40 our goal is to multiply the great success that has already earned this model among customers segment “ says Björn Annwall , senior vice president of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service at Volvo Car.

2017 Volvo V40 Improvements

2017 Volvo V40, Maximum Swedish Technology

At external visual improvements of 2017 Volvo V40, two new colors, Amazon Blue and Denim Blue, and three that arealready used in other models in the Volvo range, Bursting Blue Mussel Blue and Luminous Sand add.

The V40 for the first time incorporates the “marks of the range” image and likeness of the XC90, which show the finish and variants, without forgetting the eight new tires for, R-Design and V40 Cross Country models V40.

Moreover, since the inside , he joined the new upholstery called City Weave and a new option upholstery leather steering wheel Charcoal / Blond, in imitation of the award – winning Volvo Concept State. Tops set new trim in the interior panels in aluminum color , satin aluminum and aluminum black. The interior of the door panels also include contrast stitching while first include a black coating to the ceiling.

Following its innovative engineering solution engines, Volvo has managed to reduce CO2 emissionsfrom its popular D2 manual only 89 g / km with all its tire program.

On the other hand, it updates the app Volvo On Call smartphone, available in advanced multimedia system Volvo, including connectivity Microsoft Band 2 , allowing voice also control certain functions with Windows 10 – based smartphones.

2017 Volvo V40, Maximum Swedish Technology

The Volvo On Call system now integrates the calendar that connects the personal agenda with the mobile app and let you send the destinations of calendar appointments directly to the browser. In addition, for this 2016 Volvo On Call system will expand its coverage to support up to a maximum of 10 vehicles, which will be accessible to all the usual functions of a fleet. Also, the function will include compatibility between Flic and Volvo On Call button . The Flic button allows you to program a single “smart button” to perform various tasks, such as locking the vehicle or turn on / off the heating as well as for any of the services Volvo On Call.

Finally, the new version of the application of Volvo On Call will  provide support for Windows 10 and can be used to interact with the vehicle from the PCs and tablets normal .

Also from 2016, the air vents of the instrument panel 40 Series incorporate the CleanZone logo, highlighting the continued work on indoor air quality. likeautomotive.com

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