2017 Pontiac GTO Price, Interior, Exterior, Specs

Legend is back, as Pontiac manufacturers have announced the return of the famous 2017 Pontiac GTO. One of the most popular American muscle cars has never been the signature of the Pontiac brand for ages. Called the judge, it paved the way for many vehicles of this brand and gave the stone corners of muscle cars in the United States. Now it must return in 2017 Pontiac GTO will hit the stands soon. With some improvements in the technological and design modifications, the judge received a much needed renovation. Although the basic design was the 1979 model, some changes in the vehicle complements gave it better, but a traditional look with more than enough power to get out of this world.

2017 Pontiac GTO

2017 Pontiac GTO Exterior

As we mentioned, the exterior will be based on the popular 1979 model, but with some modern and technological improvements. The new 2017 design is a great design that keeps the vehicle engine that painted the image of these types of cars, but with an update if necessary. The front of the car will feature a new split grill, a brand symbol for Pontiac muscle cars, with new HID headlamps that are placed below the bottom of the grill. The revised hood has also been added with the addition of air intakes. There have been some jobs in the back as well. 2017 Pontiac GTO will now include new elevators, a fabulous rear spoiler and a new rear boot design. You\’ll see two exhaust pipes protruding from the back of the car. To top it off, the addition of the 20-inch wheels keeps the car perfectly balanced and driven.

2017 Pontiac GTO Interior

2017 Pontiac GTO

Inside the car is about adhering to the traditional, but with the new age just enough to keep that car competitive in the modern market. People who like the modern look of the car will get their dose of 2017 Pontiac GTO from the back on the days that the seat design has been retained, but with the new seam. The car has a black tone inside its orange stitched look that will be a real pleasure for nostalgic fans of the GTO series.

Emphasis has been added to the comfort that you will feel really enjoyable to drive this car and also be able to do any hard with this car count as extremely comfortable. Technological improvements are also included and although the dashboard design looks vaguely like the first, there are many new additions that made the car particularly enjoyable to use. The new additions are custom meters, GPS navigation unit, multifunction steering wheel and a new touch screen.

2017 Pontiac GTO

2016 Pontiac GTO Engine

For the exceptional car like the Pontiac GTO you should make sure that it becomes a cleaner engine to do all the muscle work. Large pistols were added for these reasons and the judge has certainly done a good workout. The engine included is a 6.2-liter V8 engine capable of producing 429 horsepower, which is more than enough to get this baby started. With a 6-speed gearbox, 12 pounds of thrust, camshafts with hydraulic rollers and SLP custom long tube heads the new 2016 GTO will get fans thrilled the most hardcore muscle cars.

2017 Pontiac GTO

Pontiac GTO Production date and prices

The official launch date has yet to be set for the judge, but you can expect 2016 Toyota GTO to be released in late 2016 or early 2017, with a stock price of about $ 25,500 that can reach $ 65,000.

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