2017 KIA Picanto 5 doors Specs and Details

2017 KIA Picanto 5 doors Review and Details

The new Picanto  replaces the generation that went on sale in 2011 ( KIA Picanto 2011 test ) and renewed in 2015

It is an excellent utility: it occupies little (measures 3.6 meters in length), maneuvers well and is comfortable in day to day. But what distinguishes it most from the competition is its standard equipment, which is very abundant. All Picanto are equipped with air conditioning, bluetooth connection, USB port and Aux connector, travel computer, radio controls on the steering wheel or height adjustable driver\’s seat. With the level of superior equipment (GT Line) they have even more elements, which especially affect the aesthetic plane. To the above we must add that the presentation of the interior is good, as well as its apparent quality.

If you value everything you have as a series, the Picanto is an excellent buy because there are few rivals equal or better equipped that cost less. However, if you do not need so many things, if what you need is a basic car to go from one place to another with a minimum investment, there are better alternatives.

2017 KIA Picanto 5 doors Specs and Details

The cheapest KIA Picanto has a petrol engine of 67 horsepower and is available from 10,359 euros. The one we tested  is the following, of 84 horses, available from 12,319 euros and is inextricably linked to the aforementioned GT Line equipment. Later on there will be a 100 horsepower engine.

Some of the most interesting alternatives of the KIA Picanto are the Ford Ka  of 86 hp, the  Opel KARL  of 75 or the Hyundai i10  of 87. They have a clear advantage with respect to the Picanto: they are bigger on the outside and, consequently, they have more amplitude for the occupants of the later places. The advantage of the Picanto is, in addition to its greater equipment, an engine that, as measured, gives better performance when looking for the maximum possible acceleration. Thanks to this engine of 84 horses, the Picanto is worth to go out on the road and travel with some agility, with moderate consumption. The ride comfort is correct, although like many small cars, the suspension is somewhat dry as it overcomes the bumps and irregularities that abound in the cities.

For what costs this version of the Picanto GT Line of 84 CV also can be acceded to cars “of the upper segment” but with a very basic equipment and engines of smaller power, like the Toyota Yaris  or Š koda Fabia .

2017 KIA Picanto 5 doors Specs and Details
Interior of 2017 KIA Picanto


The aforementioned GT Line finish adds to the basic a series of elements in the bodywork and in the passenger compartment that give the vehicle a sportier look. On the outside are different (alloy) wheels, the bumpers on both ends, the grill and the door hands, which are chrome. In the interior, the seats, the decorative moldings, the pedals (they are of aluminum and the steering wheel change, which is much more colorful because it is covered with a leather that has an excellent touch. There is also a front armrest, something that is not common in this category of cars.

In our comparator of insurance we have calculated the price of an all-risk policy without excess for a KIA Picanto of 84 horses. The taker is a 29 year old woman who lives in Madrid, has no garage and runs up to 15 000 kilometers each year. This person has never previously had car insurance in their name. With these data, the lowest price is offered by Qualitas Auto for 608 euros each year; in addition this policy has a good relationship between quality and price (8.44 points out of 10).

2017 KIA Picanto| Impressions of the interior

The design of the interior is colorful and practical at the same time. The quality of the plastics coating is good when compared to similar cars and the parts are assembled so that the whole looks durable. This sensation of solidity is also due to the overcoming of bumps or imperfections in the road, in which the Picanto does not produce unpleasant noises.

The trend in today\’s vehicles is that the seats are located farther away from the floor. That does not happen in the Picanto 2017, in which it sits at a similar height to previous generation models, which is low by current standards. Therefore, getting in and out of the interior may be less comfortable in other cars with the highest seats.

The passengers in the front seats are close to each other (and the shift lever is almost glued to the driver’s knee when the first or second ratio is entered) but there is no space left. The rear seats, however, have very little width and legroom,.

2017 KIA Picanto 5 doors Specs and Details

The GT Line equipment level seats have been liked because they are large, well secured and well-fluffed. Some members of the editors have not been satisfied with the arrangement of the pedals. These people have argued that they are close to the seat and are not at the same height with each other, so that the legs can never go in a relaxed position. If steering wheel could be adjusted in depth, this could be further removed from the pedals, but this option is not available. It is possible that people of smaller stature are more comfortable than the tall, precisely because of the relatively close position of the pedals. In any case we recommend that everyone try the car and draw their conclusions.

With the most expensive level of equipment you can order a seven-inch touch screen that is located at the top of the dashboard  and from where you can handle the various functions of the browser (the TomTom brand) and multimedia system. It can be associated with a rear parking aid camera and is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay communication protocols. The unit we tested did not have such options and instead of the color screen there was a small screen with a series of buttons traditions . It is easy to use because it is elevated (it does not force you to take your eyes off the road very much) and the arrangement of the controls is easy to assimilate.

Chair of the group 1/2/3 (9-36 kg) facing the gear. It has a 5-point harness up to 18 kg and with the SecureGuard system in 2/3 groups to keep the belt in the correct position and minimize abdominal injuries in case of frontal impact.

2017 KIA Picanto 5 doors Specs and Details

2017 KIA Picanto 5 doors Specs and Details

There are enough holes around the driver and escort to deposit objects. Some carry a lid, such as the glove box or the drawer under the armrest . The attention to detail is good for a small car; for example, the sun visors have mirrors , the front seat belts have height adjustment or there is an adjustable armrest between the front seats .

The trunk has a volume of 255 liters, which is more than any similar vehicle has, although the Suzuki Celerio , the Volkswagen up! and the Hyundai i10 have a practically equal one. There is no spare wheel under the boot lid .

2017 KIA Picanto| Driving Impressions

The KIA Picanto is handled very well in the city because it occupies little, maneuvering in little space and the steering is handled with little effort (but it does not lack precision in highway). The visibility is very good in all directions and the shapes of the body help to get a fairly accurate idea of ​​where the ends are (although there is a rear camera option that can be helpful in some cases). The air conditioning system is powerful; in our test unit even too much, because we had to select a temperature higher than normal to feel good thermal comfort. The headlights give a good beam of light and when the long ones are turned on they do not extinguish the short ones (which is what happens in the simpler utilitarios).

2017 KIA Picanto 5 doors Specs and Details

The KIA Picanto of 84 horses gives better performances than the average of its rivals. However, what accelerates comes up whenever the gearshift is used frequently. In town, it is not much to be aware of change. But on the road it is usually necessary to remove a gear (or even two) to overtake in a two-way track or to keep the pace on a long and steep slope of highway (usually if it has more than 4 or 5% of slope).

You must use the gearshift for two reasons. One, because the engine does not give much force at low and medium speed. Two, because the development of the fifth gear is very long (35 km / h every 1000 rpm), which helps the consumption is low at sustained speed and also the noise inside. We have not tested the automatic gearshift that is available in option with this engine.

Our KIA Picanto 1.2 CVVT has needed a minimum of 10.6 seconds to go from 80 to 120 km / h. To get this record we had to use the third and fourth gear. This data is better than the Opel Karl with 75 hp (12.6 seconds), with the Ford Ka  86 hp (11.4 seconds) and with the Citroën C3 PureTech 82, which took 13.3 seconds to complete this maneuver. Therefore, it seems clear that this KIA Picanto allows you to tackle road travel without problems, provided you do not travel too charged.

2017 KIA Picanto 5 doors Specs and Details

In our consumption route, about 143 km by a motorway that crosses a mountain port and at 120 km / h of average speed, spent 6.5 l / 100 km, which is an intermediate value that we have registered with some of its alternatives. A Ford Ka of 86 hp spent the same, a Citroën C3  of 82 hp spent 7.1; a Renault Clio  90 hp, 6.9; a Opel KARL  75 hp, 6.6; a Mitsubishi Space Star  of 80 hp, 6.2; a Mazda2 90 hp, 6.1; and a Suzuki Swift  1.2 SHVS of 90 hp, 5.7 l / 100 km. On the roads of a large city consumption can be slightly less than 5 l / 100 km if you drive smoothly and traffic allows to circulate at about 90 km / h sustained.

One of the great changes (in terms of dynamic qualities) of this Picanto with respect to the previous one is that it has a much faster direction and less turns between stops (it goes from 3,4 to 2,8). There are also changes in the chassis so that the rolling in the curves is smaller – there are more rigid stabilizer bars in front (2%) and behind (5%).

All this gives this model a touch of a more modern car and seems more predisposed to change direction. Although the changes have gone well, the Picanto does not convey the best of the fast track: for example, the Volkswagen up !, SEAT Miiand Škoda Citigo, look better tuned to make driving more pleasurable. Despite the above, the reactions in the dodge maneuver and slalom have been good, as you can see in the attached video, where we give more details. In the same maneuver, a Ford Ka , had more unsafe reactions to the limit and put in trouble its driver.

The braking is not very powerful but enough: it needed 57.6 meters to stop from 120 km / h. There are alternatives that have slowed much better, such as the Opel KARL – the unit we tested braked in 52.8 meters with the same wheels as the Picanto, a Continental ContiEcoContact 185/55 R15-.

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