Volvo V90 2016 Specs and Review

2016 Volvo V90 Specs and Review

The Volvo V90 is the family body version of the S90 . It measures 4.94 meters in length. Its main alternatives are the  Audi A6 Avant , the  BMW 5 Series Touring , the Jaguar XF Sportbrake  and the  Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate . It is for sale from 48 266 euros with a diesel engine of 150 horses and manual gearbox. The first deliveries began in October 2016. The equipment and the available versions are the same of the saloon S90.

Currently, the range is composed of petrol and diesel versions between 150 and 320 horses, all with four-cylinder engines. The V90 is a very comfortable, safe, quiet family tourism that can have good performance with a normal consumption in the Diesel versions and high in the gasoline. Volvo has also launched the V90 Cross Country variant  , which has the raised bodywork and a series of exterior protections to move on unpaved terrain. In the spring of 2017 Volvo launched a plug-in hybrid V90 (T8) with a power of 408 horses and in 2019 will launch an electric.

The diesel version of 190 horses with automatic transmission costs 52 184 euros. It is priced higher than an Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDI 190 hp S tronic and a BMW 520d Automatic Touring. Only the Mercedes-Benz E 220d Estate 9G-TRONIC outperforms it in price. In comparison to all of them, their equipment, before installing options, is something more abundant. The Jaguar XF Sportbrake with diesel engine of 180 horses costs 49 600 euros, also cheaper.

Volvo V90 2016 Specs and Review

It is not a large model for its size because it has worse heights in almost all measurements than most of its alternatives. Since it is a large car, in its back seats there is enough room for two occupants up to 190 meters in height. In the V90 it travels better than in the S90 because the roof goes further (which contributes to give greater sense of space) and the interior looks brighter.

The quality of interior finishes is high. The parts of the dashboard that are metallic or of wood have a strong aspect and that transmits sensation of solidity. The only area that does not transmit that impression is the one that frames the multimedia screen, made of a shiny black plastic, prone to get dirty. In the Impressions of the interior  of the V90 and in  Impressions of the interior  of the S90 there are many details in this respect. The boot of the V90 is covered with a upholstery of higher quality than the S90. It also has more accessories to hold and compartmentalize the load, and details like a double bottom in which the floor is secured with a hydraulic shock absorber for comfort.

From the V90 we have tested for a week the D4 version with automatic transmission, which has front-wheel drive. This engine moves the body with ease, it gains speed with ease and can maintain cruises with relief yet circulating with load and in steep slope. It seems a very balanced version. We also took the T6 in a presentation. The details of the test are in Driving Impressions . From the S90 we have tested the D5 version and we have published some  impressions  that can be applied to this variant with familiar bodywork.

Volvo V90 2016 Specs and Review

The V90 is a comfortable car, quiet and very suitable for traveling by express way. At least from the less powerful version we have taken (Diesel 190 horsepower), there is plenty of power to circulate at a high rate with ease. It is not agile in slow curving roads, but in those with wide radius curves, where it conveys a sense of security.

The Volvo V90, as well as the other models of Volvo with the denomination 90 (the S90 and the XC 90 ), are made using a joint modular platform (that Volvo denominates SPA).

Among other elements of equipment, there is a device that reduces the consequences of getting off the road by accident (Run-off road Mitigation: in the information of S90 there is more information on this), a system of recognition of large animals and different possibilities of Connectivity. Available devices such as the  programmer speed active , the  traffic sign recognition , the  detection of objects in the blind spot of mirrors , warning possible rear -end collision, the semi – automatic parking and a set of cameras that generate A zenith of the car and its surroundings.

The multimedia system is managed from a large screen in vertical layout. It has connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a Spotify application that allows direct access with user and password, without having to do it through a mobile device.

Volvo V90 2016 Specs and Review

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